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 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:59 pm 
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  • Stealth daggers added to the thieves shop for m reider.
  • About 10 new dagger made and added to the loot tables
  • Writable books framework added for testing. This would allow players to write and distribute books in game.
  • Appearance changer: Tower and Medium Shields Added. Some Clothing, Leather Armor, Hoods/Hats, and Full plate. Big thanks to Akroma and the others who contributed items.
  • Doron Amar and Woods of Sharp Teeth Updates from Duster for the Guild.
  • Baldurs Gates Farmland East and South construction Done. Farmlands South was restored to how it was prior to the black orc war. The Farmlands East was restored and tweaked a bit.
  • Fix Black Guard Smite Good which we broke.
  • Tanner Quest is reset for everyone. There are still a few lingering issue's we are working on.
  • Blood Magus: Blood walk should be restricted by warded area's now.
  • It's snowing in Nashkel.


 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:21 am 
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  • Fixed a few area issues.
  • DMFI Langauge fix for picking langauges with new characters and attempt to fix the system so when you gain INT through level up it will allow you to pick new langauges.
  • A few helmits in the appearance changer fixed to let you in town. They were barring entry due to being marked as masks. Thanks omnilicious.
  • One of our spawner systems had it's timers advanced a bit. Min time changed from 75 - 67. MAx time changed from 145-135.
  • Gnoll caves in the Lions Way spawn rate advanced by about 30% - 35% on one of the spawn systems.
  • Troll Cave: Troll that uses rage adjusted slightly for high BA. Lumbering Troll Added to spawn group.
  • Librarian added for testing the book system.
  • Maltz Quest xp and gold changed to 750 (bumped up).
  • Fixed issue's with some scrolls being to cheap at sorcerous sundries and high hedge.
  • Fire Genasi reach to the Blaze feat has had it's VFX adjusted for Lockon
  • Remove curse scroll added to Sorcerous Sundries
  • Rogue and Shadow Dancer now get perform as a normal class skill (not cross classed)
  • 2 custom designed cloaks from duster added to the appearance changer.
  • Custom Signs for Ecko and Duster added (made by Duster).
  • Candlekeep Library is more restricted now.
  • NWN2 FaceLift Pack: 16 Human Male and 10 Female Heads Added. 5 Aasimar Female Heads Added. Big thanks to Xaltar for the pack!

  • Epic Mass Heal Limited to Cleric, Favored souls, druids, spirit shamans, Hospitaler, Black Flame Zealots, and Morninglords.
  • Dervish Class: Changed to high WILL saves. A thousand cuts changed to be usable 3 times per day.
  • Cavestalker PRC Added. --> Cavestalker Link
  • ARCHMAGE PRC added. --> Archmage Link

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:59 pm 
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  • Custom Scythes designed by Aesir added.
  • Mastery of Counterspelling removed from archmage. Updated requirements about spell focus must be two different schools.
  • UD Quest: The Curse of Lloth added from DM Galadriel.
  • UD Quest: The Lore of Ages added from DM Galadriel.
  • Sam Feldposts shop fixed (Duster).
  • OSR Interior Update (Lisa).
  • Bilberries quest set to 600 exp / 600 gold across the board. Variable xp based on level removed.
  • A few scythes added to the appearance changer and one fullplate / breastplate model.
  • Shadow Dancer Shadow Jump: Fixed one Issue with ability (BMD / Rasae).
  • Shadow Dancer Shadow Jump: Should be properly given retroactively now.
  • Fix database issue for Library.
  • The following EPIC SKILL FOCUSES ARE ENABLED: Heal, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Survival
  • Blows and Strikes Impact Script Updated.
  • NWN2 Facelift Pack finished being added. Elanee was added as a wood elf. Beval as a human. NWN2 VAULT LINK

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:42 am 
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  • Pains XP Fix deployed which fixed Uncanny Dodge.
  • Skull shield added for a player to use. ... tail&id=98
  • Temple of Gond. Door between level 1 & 2 should work for half-orcs now. Other content added for ol'kel
  • Heavy Crossbow models added to the appearance changer. Big thanks to Aesir for the models!
  • Minor adjustments to the sshamath quests added in the last update.
  • Soubar, Triel, and the North Tradeway are accessible in the Northern region now. There will be another follow on update for these areas. A couple of things need to be cleaned up.
  • Two shops added to Soubar. Soubar also has fishing enabled for it's pond.
  • Persistent Storage system added for testing.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:33 pm 
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  • Trap store added to Soubar.
  • Soubar general store has +1 fire arrows, bolts, and bullets.
  • Triel linked to Thundars Ride
  • A few flaming fist added to Triel
  • Minor adjustements to Triel/Soubar/North Trade Way.
  • Spawns still needed in North Trade Way.
  • Hide and Leather armors added to the app changer. Duster
  • We didn't have all the hide armors enabled in the app changer. There should be around four times more variety now.
  • Fix the heal amount on Epic Mass heal.
  • Leveling up as a guild thief is fixed
  • Doron Amar updates from Duster.
  • Minor Sshsamath and quest update from DM Galadriel.
  • Tree Texture override added by Luna.
  • Thomas the tanner quest should working again.
  • Minor tweaks to the FAI map from Luna
  • Warlock: All seeing eye fixed to add +6 spot / +6 search.
  • Stormsinger: Updated damage for call lightning to reflect global spell damage increases.
  • Stormsinger: Greater Storm strike updated a bit with a higher save and more secondary damage.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:49 am 
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2/6/2013 - 3/20/2013

The NOTES are not great.
And we had about 2 weeks of update down time while the new server was being built and tested.

  • An ARENA has been added for DM Usage.
  • Adjust some sound issues in Triel and Soubar
  • Last fix to the writable books and library hopefully
  • North Trade Way. Worg Rider Spawns Added.
  • Shadow Dancer summons changed to incorporeal
  • Formula adjusted downward as Molag suggested
  • Slight tweak to Shadow Walking to make keep it more difficult that regular teleports
  • Cooldown fix for Shadow Jump (Breteas)
  • Dimension Door cooldown halved to 250 seconds, from 500 (because its useless right now according to QC)
  • Word of Recall synced with Shadow Jump fixes in so far as applicable
  • Ilithiiri Qu'ellar Area added.
  • Kraak Helzak: New Guild Area added.
  • Fix Epic Mass Heal being choose-able by all caster types
  • Update the epic feats arcante trickster gains access to when leveling up.
  • Fix Blade and Stars mugging quest (Nerisdove ring quest). Ring is now in bg east sewers. Look for a crate to click.
  • You will be given the server up time when you login now.
  • Fix Arcane Tricksters epic spell selection.
  • DM Areana area cleaned up a bit - Death
  • Fixed the DC on Storm Singers storm of vengeance
  • Tongues and Shadow Jump fixes from Rasael.
  • Fixed Divine Champion 2DA lacking some feats like weapon specialization and other feats it should have.
  • Troop draw downs in Nashkel and Beregost to reflect on going Amn campaign. Minor troop changes to The Friendly Arm Inn & Baldurs Gate as wel.
  • Set the proper flags on the serpent hills bosses. This effects xp and loot drops.
  • Moved the Heeds PC tools macros to mysql since we lost all the campaign database copies. Moved back to campaign database. May have had crashing issue's when switched to mysql DB.
  • Fix Hips on NPCS (it was not working)
  • Appearance changer adjustments from duster and atlas.
  • Kraak Helzak: Changes to troll claws west for their guild entrance. Caravan added they can use so low levels can access the guild.
  • Sshamath is now teleport impede.
  • OSR Guild Token Added
  • Added NPC's back to Doron Amar (again).
  • Fix issue with Triel and Soubar not having a night cycle
  • Gate/Guard script updates from Duster
  • NPC helper Norm added to the BG East Farmlands where you spawn from the Nexus to offer some help to new players (Duster)
  • Fixed NPCs in quite a few town so their conversations are private and not global across the whole town (Duster)
  • Fixed some hovering placable issue's in Doron Amar (Duster)
  • NPC helper Cliff added to the BG Harbor Area (Duster)
  • Some foraging items had their weight reduced and changed to stackable (Duster)
  • Updates to the hellstorm crew guild area (Duster)
  • Radiant Heart Guild Halls Touch Ups / Updates
  • New Server Deployed and Running

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:22 am 
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  • Create Greater Undead changed to 1 minute a level. The spell description will get updated in the follow on update.
  • Readable/Writable books added to Sshamath and the Shelf of Many books in the Palace District. These books allow you to write a book and check it into a database. Once it is checked in, you and others can get copies of the boook.
  • VFX change to isaac's missile storm undone
  • Deaths Animation change for walking with 2 handed weapons added.


--> Some fixes to the book system. We are still working on the systme. It is not 100% functioning.
  • The text limit is now properly set for 10,000 words. It was set to 1,000 in the database, so for those of you who tried to write longer books, it probably didn't take in the database because it exceeded the size.
  • The finalize button will work now
  • The book doesn't have to be the first item in your inventory any more when you attempt to check it in.
  • When you check out a book, you can use it and it will bring the book GUI up.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:38 am 
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[PRC] Archmage
-Fixed feat.2da succession for Spellpower I and II (2839 and 2838)
-Release Code for "pc_on_loaded" (QC Recommends release) (to do)

[PRC] Blood Magus
-Modes script update with SR failure, for instant casting bug
-Added Code in spell hook to delete used scars / draughts
-Blood Component and Blood seeking spell set to be Target Self in feat.2da (2786 and 2791)
-Blood Mark Person fixed (spells 2da 1441)
-Blood Mark impact script now: "bg_bloodmagus_mark"

[PRC] Man-at-arms
-DC's now 15 + half MaA level + Charisma modifier (Molag)
-Max DC is 38ish for a specialized pure MaA taunter (Molag)
-Played Animation now cancelable action
-TLK desc update (lines: 976, 978, 980)
-Shield Block AC type changed to new type: "other" (full stacking) (c2k)

[PRC] Pious Templar
-Added for balance testing (QC)
-Templar Mettle added at level 10 (2646)
-Templar Smite added (2645)
-Templar DR added (2638)
-Templar Spellbook added (2610 to 2637)
-Code for spellbook in "pc_on level"
-Abilities and Spellbook now work
-Spellhook code for casterlevel and DC

[PRC] Silverstar
-Added for testing (QC)
-Fixed TLK desc Silverstar Qualification feat (line 1240)
-Moons Hand made active ability (feat 2658, spell 1430)
-Code for Moon's Hand in "pc_on_equip" and "pc_on_unequip"
-Updated TLK desc for Moon's Hand (lines 1227 and 1236)
-Moonshield feat change, no longer linked to a spell (2655)
-Dancing Lights now works with special visual for Selune's Tears

[PRC] Shadow Adept
-Added for balance testing (QC)
-Ready for release whenever the DM team "reveals" the Shadow Weave
-Shadow Defense added (2597)
-Shield of Shadow added (2596)
-Shadow Walk added (2595)
-Spell power I to III added (2600, 2599, 2598)
-Abilities and spellbook now work

[PRC] Master Alchemist
-Master Alchemist added for Testing (QC)
-Alchemist Brew Added (2570)
-Master brewer added (2569)
-Unrivalled Brewer added (2598)
-Advanced Brewing added (2597)
-Alchemical Fire Mastery added (2596)
-Supplemental Draught added (2595)
-Abilities now work

[PRC] Techsmith of Gond
-Techsmith of Gond added for Testing (QC)
-Gondsman Added (2594)
-Technical Knack added (2593)
-Smoke Powder added (2592)
-Techsmith Imp. Critical added (2591)
-Smite Construct added (2590)
-Gondsman Settings Feat added (2581)
-Gondsman can be upgraded 10 times
-Gondsman can be given a name
-Upgrades: Str, Con, Dex, Will, Fort, Reflex, Natural AC, BAB
-Gondsman level is 3 + Techsmith level
-Abilities now work

[PRC] Warsling Sniper
-Warsling Sniper added for Testing (QC)
-Ricochetted Shot added (2562)
-Improved Ricochet added (2561)
-Warsling Sniper Vision added (2563)
-Ricochet coded to work from stealth via Archery UI
-Abilities now work

[PRC] Breach Gnome
-Breach Gnome added for Testing (QC)
-Seal the Breach Added (2564)
-Other class abilities added on appropriate levels
-Coded Seal the Breach to work
-Abilities now work

[PRC] Monk of the Long Death
-Monk of the Long Death added for Testing (QC)
-Death Attack Added (2554)
-Death Touch Added (2553)
-Macabre Experiments Added (2556)
-Death Knell Added (2555)
-Deathguard added (2557)
-Monk progression (mostly)
-Abilities now work

[PRC] Thaumaturge
-Thaumaturge Added for Testing (QC)
-Planar Cohort added (2546)
-Contingent Summoning added (2547)
-Extended Summoning added (2548)
-Abilities now work except for Planar Cohort (to do)

[PRC] Battle Rager
-Battle Rager added for Testing (QC)
-Rock Gut added (2549)
-Reckless Offensive added (2551)
-Battle Rager AC added (2552)
-Battle Rager Gruff added (2550)
-Abilities now work

[PRC] Sunmaster
-Sun Master added for Testing (QC)
-Added Sunmaster abilities ()
-Added Sunmaster Cleric Progression only

  • Greater Charge damage bonus fix
  • Archery UI update for Ricochette
  • Archery GUI script Sharpshooting fix
  • Archery UI exit button added and popup location changed, made draggable
  • Added Melee UI for Blows and Strikes, Expose Weakness Prototype
  • Melee Strikes now work from Stealth
  • Frontline Archer now takes range into consideration
  • Combat Strike & Awareness fixed (Valefort)
  • Sharpshooting uses fixed to be infinite and instant, 6 sec cooldown (2768)
  • Usemap and masterfeat removed from feats 2761 to 2766 and 2768 (OOBI Abilities)
  • Deadeye shot no longer auto triggers stealth (if not in stealth already)
  • Melee strikes, blows etc.. now account for weapon properties such as enhancement (Valefort)
  • OOBI Abilities now use proper base attack bonus
  • Agile Shield Fighter given an Icon (2744)
  • Expose Weakness lasts 5 rounds again (QC)
  • Shieldbash / torch fighting now accounts for Attackbonus effect buffs & penalties
  • Strikes & Blows etc.. now account for Attackbonus effect buffs & penalties
  • Archery feats now account for Attackbonus effect buffs & penalties
  • The above also made slightly more efficient
  • The above now also account for Epic Prowess (Valefort)
  • Cavestalker hide of stone now has full stacking with natural AC as it should
  • Man At Arms shieldblock AC stacks as it should (C2k)
  • Shield Specialization feats stack as they should (Valefort)
  • Deadly Defense Added

  • Fixed Tongues description in TLK (line: 920) (C2k)
  • Contingency now works and as it should (tested & fine)
  • Non Detection reduces Shadow Walking risk a bit
  • Analyze Dweomer now detects active spells, area wards, interacts with non-detection
  • Detect Magic now detects magical auras, area wards, interacts with non-detection
  • Duration Fix for Lawful Sword, Bless Weapon, Holy Sword (Atlas)
  • Dancing Lights Added (1431)
  • Shield AC type changed to new type: "other" from "shield" (full stacking)
  • Spells 1381 and 1364 flagged as removed (OOBI fix)
  • Stonehold Fix (Breteas)
  • Contagion, Mass Contagion now scale to DC 30 (QC)
  • Counterspelling Warlock Issue
  • Make Blood Draughts also remove when used
  • Disease spells scale to DC 30

  • Combat Strike fixed & working as they should. All 4 combat focus feats can now be released! (Valefort) (Feats: 2692, 2693, 2694, 2695 - for release: set them to be usable by all classes)
  • Strikes, Blows and other new martial feats had their AB and Damage rolls fixed (Valefort)
  • Ricochette now requires a Sling to be equipped, should work now (Warslinger PRC)
  • Sun Master's Sun Form now allows use of one attack per round, as it should
  • Breach Gnome's Seal the Breach ability fixed, should work now
  • Silverstar 2da fix to give upgraded Prophet's sight at level 8
  • Dancing Lights visual effect definition fix, will now work properly (Silverstar ability)
  • Reactive Counterspelling fixed to work for targeted spells again
  • Archmage Fireburst fix for Spellshaping
  • Archmage fix for Spellshaping causing spells not to work when targetting friendlies on purpose
  • Master Alchemist brewing cost fix, highest possesed discount feat now applies, instead of the lowest.
  • Blood Walk teleport timer (Laenor)

  • Lesser orb of cold should work now with piercing cold.
  • Thaumaturge caster progression 2da's fixed (two 2da replacement files)
  • Thaumaturge Contingent Summoning ability fixed
  • Ricochette ability fixed, removed logic error for errenous equipped weapon (Warslinger)
  • Seal the Breach cosmetic fixes (Breach Gnome)
  • Seal the Breach now also correctly immobilizes the Breach Gnome
  • nw_i0_invocatns --> no longer target doors and placeables with Warlock abilities (lag and crash fix - requires general recompile)
  • Archmage's Arcane Fire ability upgraded to be balanced
  • Meteor Swarm > Creature fixed to work with Mastery Shaping
  • Fireburest and Greater Fireburst fixed to work with Mastery Shaping
  • Archmage Spell Like abilities no longer cost a 5fth level spell slot
  • Extended Summoning now affects Phantom Bear and Wolf spells as well
  • Planar Cohort now increases Gate Duration by half and makes lower Planar Summons/ Bindings permanent (Thaumaturge)

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:39 am 
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4/11/2013 & 4/13/2013

  • Order of the bow added
  • Battle Rager added

  • Combat Awareness added
  • Combat Vigor added
  • Combat Strike added
  • Combat Focus added
  • Divine Spell Power added
  • Epic Counterspelling has been enabled.
  • Reckless Offensive added.
  • Bodyguard (NWN9): Furious Assault (All out assault) changed to 3 times per day.
  • Epic Call Lightning: Now usable 3 times per day.

  • Fix problem with the run fast feat acting wonky with haste, flee the scene, and all feats that use haste
  • Fix DMFI Language issue where you were not getting a language if your INT was 12.
  • TLK update for man-at-arms. DC's for Demoralize Opponent, Daunting Challenge, and Mocking Challenge raised by 5.
  • Update for OSR Guild from Lisa.
  • Home Location for Ulgoths Beard Added.
  • Blood Magus Stanch adjusted in pc_on_dying to set you to down but stabalized which is how it should work.
  • VFX from rafaelzimrp added.
  • Adjustment to Lore of ages Quest to fix an exploit.
  • Shadow Dancer: Shadow Mark cool down changed to 6 seconds.
  • Player Request: Lathander cloaks added to the app changer from Duster.
  • Minor seawolf guild area updates.
  • CK Avowed gear and Auril gear added to the app changer.
  • Crossbows that do not have unlimited ammo added to Roaringshore store for AlfarinIcebreaker.
  • Random loot generator should no longer give multiple AC Dodge bonuses to boots.
  • App changer items from atlas and omnilicious added.

Other nerdy related stuff. :geek:
  • Divine Spell Power now works as a mode (Karond & BMD)
  • Strikes & Blows etc. now have stealth recognition code for sneak attacks
  • Strikes & Blows now deduct -5 AB for one round (Valefort)
  • Custom Ranged combat abilities now have stealth recognition code for sneak attacks (OOBI)
  • Custom Ranged combat abilities now de-stealth correctly. Strikes & Blows already did.
  • Breach Gnome no longer immobilized, but must be in breach position every two rounds to retain bonuses.
  • Ricochette ability now runs of the correct feat (Warslinger)
  • Ricochette ability now requires sling to be equipped, logic fix again (Warslinger)
  • Silverstar moonshand spell should be fixed.
  • Hideous Blow roundly reappliance mechanic given reliability update
  • Shield Bash reliability update and exploit fix
  • Torch fighting reliability update and exploit fix
  • Breach Gnome ability reliability update and exploit fix
  • Breach Gnome's Seal the Breach ability now gives up to tripple bonuses for being flanked by unwalkable terrain. It checks the left, right and rear. You get 100% bonus per flanking direction.
  • All OOBI feats now switched to use Archery UI correctly
  • EW prototype now fully stacks again
  • Stone Hold Save changed from Will to Fort. But we might be changing this spell completely to be more like it's PnP form.
  • ricochette change to active feat
  • ranged precision feat change in feats.2da (rasael)
  • sharp shooting feat impact script changed (rasael)

  • Fist of the forest CON Bonus will no longer work with a shield.
  • ThunderRide-Watercave - Fix variable set when boss is spawned. It never clears so a new boss will never re-spawn.
  • Breach Gnome: 3rd flank bonus removed as it was rather strong.
  • Order of the Bow Initiate description updated in the TLK.
  • Ranger Spell: Embrace the wild Listen Skill bonus Fixed.
  • Minor updates to the radient heart guild area.
  • People with expose weakness were given the baldurs gate version to try out.
  • Fix cloak 62 and fix the number of heavy shields in the app changer from 61 to 70.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 1:35 am 
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5/2/2013 & 5/14/2013

  • Shadow Adept PRC added. It is an APPLICATION only class.
  • Minor updates to FAI Inn by Duster
  • Minor fixes to expose weakness and other feats being tested.
  • Adjusted Devourer Worms special attack a little bit downward.
  • Fix the damage bonus type on the combat knives in the temple of mask.
  • Fix the max damage for call lightning storm spell.
  • Fix the requirements for Combat Strike
  • Fix Mystras Conversation to handle polymoprhed creatures.
  • Fix the writeable/readable books edit and finalize functions.
  • Pre-append the page numbers to new books for the writeable/readable books to try and make it less confusing on how to set the page numbers.
  • Deleting your books from the library should work now.
  • Fishing xp capped per reset.
  • Shield Charge. Fixed issue that it was requiring the knockdown feat to take it.
  • Fix some issue's with Kemo Auction tables.
  • FIERY FIST added. Changed to use two stunning fists per use.
  • Fix for Shadow Dancer Shadow Jump added
  • Arcane Fire will remove invisibility now.
  • Spirit Shaman Casting Bug should be fixed. The one related to cross classing with a certain feat.
  • Add loot items from Atlas and Blame the Rogue. Fixed a bug with martial weapon category five which was causing a 90% drop failure (no item drop).

  • AREA: Gullykin Crypt Added (finally!): It's a nice looking area. Go check it out. Level is CR15. With a few minor bosses and one normal boss.
  • AREA: Temple of Kossuth in Gullykin is now open.
  • Fields of the Dead and the North Thundars Ride areas have had their spawn rates increased.
  • Blank scrolls added to the sorcerous sundries.
  • Duster fixed an issue with the Lore of Ages quest in the Underdark.
  • Fix a stat issue while in bear warrior bear form and having your character saved.
  • Fix the rat quest in Baldurs Gate East Farms
  • Fiery Fist VFX added from rafaelzimrp.
  • Creature Greater Undead changed to 2 rounds a level.
  • All the Rune Reserve feats changed to 2d6 (from 2d4) per caster level.
  • Shield Charge no longer requires knockdown erroneously
  • Shield Slam AB fix copied in from Shield Bash
  • Combat focus now requires being in combat properly
  • Arcane fire can now critical hit
  • OOBI & Blows / Strikes abilities now take into account mirror image & displacement properly again
  • Warslinger Ricochet now works against multiple targets (tested)
  • OOBI & Blows / Strikes abilities account for weapon mastery feats
  • TLK description updates from Rasael.
  • Rangers Point blank show should qualify for OOBI PRC now. If you have Point Blank Shot you will be given the qual feat on level up.
  • More fixes for readable/writable books. :?
  • Readable/Writable books are working now. :P

  • << New models added IG and put in the appearance changer >>
  • Sourced from a few places. Japanese Weapons with adjustments from IamDeath. Lineage Shields. DD helm. Weapon of Lineage weapons.
  • Tower Shield 36, 37, 38 added to the appearance changer
  • Light shield 38, 39 added to the appearance changer
  • Helm 221 (ram horn helm) added to the appearance changer.
  • Warhammer #20 was added to the appearance changer.
  • Scythe #8 was added to the appearance changer.
  • Greatsword #2- and #21 was added to the appearance changer.
  • Longsword #26 was added to the appearance changer. ((27)
  • Scimitar #14 was added to the appearance changer.
  • Short Sword #22 added to the appearance changer.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Thu May 30, 2013 1:43 am 
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  • SR Fix (Pyro) (requires global recompile) (new)
  • Spellturning fixes (new)
  • Counterspelling spell decrementing fix
  • Sharp Shot stacking fix (OOBI)
  • Dancing Lights dazzle and light blindness as per PnP
  • Ricochette targetting fix (Warslinger)
  • Detect Magic feedback fix
  • Analyze Dweomer Will Save added (Valefort)
  • Epic Ruin changed to require level 9 spellcasting.
  • Hookup to the Baldurs Gate Sewers Maintenance area fixed by Tfunke. This area has been IG for a while but not accessable. It's another low level area. Creature CR is 2.5 - 3.
  • Troll Claw West: Hopefully fixed performance issues found by 7threalm
  • DMFI language fixed and GUI adjust by Rasael.
  • Fix for the thomas quest so it sticks across a reset.
  • App changer items from Akroma666 and others added.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:59 am 
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6/19/2013 - Various Updates

  • New Bregan guild added.
  • Triel hooked back up for the DM's
  • MISC Small Fixes
  • A lot of new spell VFX were added.
  • Order of the bow fixes: Monsters now approach attacker if attacked from long distance (Dreuhan)
  • Order of the bow fixes: ability now schedules regular attack action upon completion (Dreuhan)
  • Order of the bow fixes: now gains Greater Weapon focus appropriately on level up
  • Silverstar Moonshand fix, PRC ready for release
  • Breachnome seal flank range reduced a bit, PRC ready for release
  • Monk PRC Flurry damage progression for every 4 PRC levels added.
  • Sunmaster Glaring Eyes unlimited uses per day.
  • Frost Giant Boss was changed a little bit. This may or may not be permanent.
  • Tweaks from Duster on a few area's to improve frame rate.
  • Earthquake crash fix and small visual upgrade
  • Gondsman spam rendered impossible, must be (re)assembled outside of combat
  • Remvoed apperance changer shield heavy 71 & 72, tracked down issue with them and will release them in one of the next updates

Player Appearance Changer Items Added
  • App Changer, 6 shirts male (258)
  • App Changer, 3 fullplate / mithral full plate.
  • App Changer, 4 boots (191) --> (replace 187)
  • App Changer, 5 helm (229)
  • App Changer, 2 padded
  • App Changer, 2 cloaks (168)

VFX Remove
  • freedom of movement
  • entropic shield
  • heal
  • Magic Circle vs. alignment
  • Deathward
  • Lesser mind blank

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:21 am 
Site Admin

Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • A few more fixes for the FAI. A few more still needed.
  • Fixed DMFI language count issue if you have a racial INT Bonus. You will not be short a language any more
  • Fixed Fey Power Warlock DC Invocation Problem where it wasn't applying +1 to the DC.
  • Fixed wonky issue with Ulgoths Beard home location.
  • Bregan Daerthe guild hall marked as a UD area.
  • Inflict Wounds line of spells fixed
  • Roaringshore exterior area merchants and auctioneer will talk to you even if hooded, a gray orc, etc. They take all.
  • Troll Hide Quest Update from Duster.
  • Serpent Hills is now blocked from teleporting to prevent boss raiding.

VFX Reverted back to Original
  • fear
  • doom

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:20 am 
Site Admin

Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • Updates from Duster
  • Remove snow in Nashkel.
  • Nexus Music changed.
  • Druids who are wildshaped will not be able to cast without the natural spell feat.
  • Radient Heart guild front gate is now locked by default.
  • Removed Approved Disarm from nightwalker that spwans in Durlans Tower Level 2. This was causing player weapons to disappear.
  • Misty Forest Area added off HighMoor. CR15 Area. Grants passage to EDE Exterior area.
  • Rest sound / vfx change.
  • Adjusted the difficulty to climb up and down to the Gullykin crypt downward. It should be a bit easier.
  • Flaming fist removed from Triel.
  • Retooled low leve dungeon oozes and cubes to give them the right properties (like crit immunity).
  • Doron Amar update from Lisa
  • APP CHANGER: Helm 230 & 231 added. They are awesome, but do not work for all races.
  • APP CHANGER: Heavy shield 71 & 72 put back after bug issue fixed with them.
  • Troll hide weight reduced to 2 (from 5).
  • Natures Avatar will now work on the Telthor companion
  • Placable props added for DM's to hand out and try.
  • Cavestalker now gets tumble as a class skill.
  • Added fix for Breachgnome. All working as it should now
  • Added fix for Techsmith. Appears to work all as it should now
  • Gondsman is now Techsmith level +3 + character's half hitdice
  • Fix Ranger HIPS in Indoor Areas. It should be blocked now.
  • PRC: Thaumaturge is live.

  • BATTLERAGER update for feats and armor proficiency(ADDED FEATS + ARMOR PROFICIENCY)
  • Armour proficincies at level 1
  • Powerful charge at level 3
  • Dire Charge at level 5

  • Thaumaturge
  • Fixed Contingent Summoning
  • Fixed class progression feat choices

  • Master Alchemish Changes for on going test (Class is not released)
  • Added Potion CL property
  • Added cap at CL 18
  • Added message fixes

Spells Added
  • Wrack CL3 WIZ/SRC4
  • Duelward Sor / Wiz 5
  • Mass SR Cleric7
  • Augury Cleric2
  • Omen of Peril Cleric 1, Druid 1
  • Non Detection Rgr 4, Wiz / Sorc 3
  • Consecrate Cleric 2
  • Desecrate Cleric 2

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:30 am 
Site Admin

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Posts: 265
8/23/2013 - Present

8/23/2013 Update
  • Friendly Arm Inn has a Gate script now to block drow and gray orcs, disarm people, and not allow masks.
  • Grayfox camp added to Ulgoths Beard
  • Woods of Sharp Teeth changed trees to summer versions. The forest is mostly healed from the orc war.
  • south of baldurs gate farms - changed trees to green, summer versions
  • Fixed the cost of animalistic powers scroll at sorcerous sundries.
  • Etheral Visage VFX should be working again.
  • Spell: Knock should have it's script firing again and work.
  • Maltz apprentice has dwarven waraxes and short bows now.
  • Normal ranged weapon ammo added to the Nashkel Fletcher
  • PvP setting moved to the DMFI bar. If you win PvP, this setting sends the challenger to their home location or keeps them in the area.
  • Dissonant Chord break concentration should be working now. [Follow up, does not work vs other players, only monsters]
  • Azures blackjack clubs added to the temple of mask.
  • BG1+2 Music Mix added to Nexus. Done by Hoihe.
  • Items added to the loot table from 7threalm, Blame the Rogue, and Luna. Probably 30-40 items were added.
  • Fix for one corner case where Caster Level was comming out wrong. If you notice any odd CL behavoir, probably we broke something else when we fixed this problem.
  • Augment healing applies to the mass cure spells now.
  • The seven suns merchant in the baldurs gate palace district and the barber shop in the east gate district sell a jewelry box that will put an earring VFX on your character. i.e. wearable earrings. [From Duster]

Updates between 8/24 - 9/2
  • Fix Baldurs Gate Sewer Maintanence exit for the east gate that causes you to get stuck.
  • Soubar trap store will now buy traps.
  • APP CHANGER: 3 Clothing options added to male and female. 196-198 / 259-261
  • APP CHANGER: Leather armor 87 added
  • APP CHANGER: Fullplate/Mithral Fullpate 186 added
  • APP CHANGER: 2 Heavy shields added with custom models. 73/74
  • APP CHANGER: 1 Custom Cloak model added. 169
  • APP CHANGER: 1 Hood Model Added based on a modded version of Arsons Hood. 232
  • APP CHANGER: 1 Female clothing added based on a custom version of the dragon armor hak. 199
  • APP CHANGER: 1 Female Fullplate added based on a custom version of the dragon armor hak. 187
  • APP CHANGER: Mithral Banded Mail now has 15 armors synced to normal Banded Mail (was 1). 1-15
  • APP CHANGER: Mithral HalfPlate now has 15 armors synced to normal Half Plate. 1-15
  • Spell: Wrack should have a VFX
  • Evil Alter, Neutral Alter, and Medic tent added to placable props.
  • Orc Voiceset added. Done by DM Xzar
  • Remove medic tent from HAK as it was overriding regular tent. Redo medic tent with new MDB number and placables.2da entry so it works.
  • Fix 2 cloth items in the app changer set as leather armor
  • Fix problem with the Library book system and using apostraphe's in the book or having them in your player name.
  • Upped the spawn rate in BG, North Farms by 1.
  • Increased the chance for loot drop a litte bit on low level creatures
  • Decreased the weight of rat tails for the rat tail quest by 1.
  • Fix Icon of sewer gang leader.
  • BG Palace/Harbor Sewers. Added 3 more lootable chests/items as there was only one in the whole area.
  • BG Sewer Rats should no longer drop 2 tails.
  • Put notices on map markers that sewers around baldurs gate are not for level 1. Doing this due to number of player corpses I'm finding down there.

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