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 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 3:55 pm 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • Chaos in haunted mansion updated with new AI
  • It's no longer snowing in Nashkel or the cloud Peak Foothills.
  • Fields of the Dead Tweaking from Tfunke. Mainly around the spawns.
  • Equipable Wings added for the DM's. Items can be found under WINGS_EQUIPABLE
  • Proper spawns for BG Seweres Added. Are is roughly CR 2.5. Spawns from Tfunke.
  • Comprehend Languages is now 1 round / level.
  • Sorcerous Sundries & Beholder shop: Have the teleport rune you need for teleporting, scrolls of detect magic, and limited supply of comprehend language scrolls. We had a slight mix up on 4/30 for the sorcerous sundries update, and this was fixed a few days after the 4/30 release.
  • High Hedge and Xvart Village spawn system changed. Duster
  • Xvart Village spawn system changed to use two spawner system. Duster & Luna
  • North and South of Beregost tweaks. Duster
  • Deaths custom placables added. Placables were done by Death.
  • Spirit shamans get counterspelling. We left is off paladins as it doesn't seem useful with their limited spell selection.
  • Spell: Alarm added
  • Spell: Comp. Languages added to bards

Kaedrins Reserve Feats Added
  • Acidid Splatter (damage is 1d4, but will get changed to 1d6)
  • Clap of Thunder
  • Fiery Burst
  • **REMOVED ** Hurricane Breath
  • Invisible Needle
  • Sickening Grasp
  • Storm Bolt
  • Winters Blast
  • Umbral Shroud

The following Teleport spells are enabled now.
  • Mark Rune
  • Mark Plant
  • Plant Travel
  • Teleport
  • Greater Teleport
  • Dimension Anchor
  • Trace Teleport
  • Tree Stride
  • Dimension Door
  • Shadow Door

Quest Related
  • Quest Fixes from Leaf_Smoker and one from Death
  • Ulgoths Beard Quest Exploit fixed (Death)
  • maltz: Fixed conversation nodes to allow for "Deliveries From the Docks" quest functionality while "Maltz' Errand" quest is active.
  • merchantleague: Fixed "Gone Goods" to destroy all goods on "no reward" option; increased "no reward" XP from 200 to 300.
  • thunderhammer: Fixed conversation nodes to allow for "Maltz' Errand" quest functionality without being forced to turn in minotaur horns.
  • thomas the thanner : Turned "Candle Keep" to "Candlekeep" in conversation nodes. Fixed bug where the quest would break if the conversation was interrupted. Fixed the skill checks when turning in the northern troll hides, so they work properly. Split the two quests by level, 19 and lower for the first quest, 20 and above for the second quest.
  • ragefast: Increased skill check XP to 650 on failed (to keep in line with base XP) and 750 on succeeded; increased "large pouch" GP rewards to 800 to keep in line with base; increased Bluff success GP to 1000 to match conversation node; increased skill check DCs to 30; removed redundant conversation nodes for easier editing (see pq14_ragefast_condensed)
  • fist koreulve: Changed conversation nodes to remove the West Docks area from the city patrol (and changed journal entry from 1 to 2) and removed mention of Bhaal's Temple and Gnolls from Trade Way patrol (changed temple to FAI).

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 1:41 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • Fix the TLK games in Roaringshore Broken Goblet.
  • Refined the gate keeper disarm function a bit. It should only disarm weapons now.
  • Fixed ambush triggers in fields of the dead.
  • Fix Blood Magic for Spirit Shamans. They can select the feat again.
  • BG NPC's retooled a bit by Tfunke to talk less.
  • Put back old Chaos boss for now. Rasael will re-tweak the custom AI one when he has time.
  • Fixes for Thomas the Tanner Quest (Thanks Leaf and Cyron)!
  • Tfunke did some optimizations on the Bandir Cave.
  • Some minor CK and Lions way updates from Duster.

Troll claw exteriors Redone.
  • Removed all existing exterior area's
  • Tfunke merged them into one big area (Troll Claw West).
  • More/New spawns added to troll claw west (Tfunke).
  • The troll quest is done in the new Troll Claw West area. The quest trolls spawn around a section of the river. It will look just like the old troll claw ford.
  • The Gnoll Stronghold which was going to go in near the Xvart village was retooled a bit and is now Troll Claw East. Original and retooled area by Tfunke
  • Troll Claw West CR is 16-19. Troll Claw East is 14-15.
  • The North will keep getting epxanded as it's getting overhauled. Including another way to get to Troll Claw East for better CR flow.
  • We accidently left out Gray Peak. It will get back IG in a later update.
  • The troll and ogre caves that were IG can be accessed from Troll Claw West.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 2:03 am 
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Posts: 265
5/25/2012 ( multiple updates occurred from 5/16/2012)

  • Beregost and Temple of Lathander updated to reflect the on going rebuild effort. Beregost Interior Added. From Duster.
  • North, Thundar's Ride added from Tfunke. This is accessed from Baldurs Gate Farmlands East. Thundars Ride also connects to Fields of the Dead and Troll Claw East. CR is 12 - 12.5
  • North, Water Cave added from Rogon. This is accessed from Thundars Ride. CR is 13.5 - 14.
  • With Thundars Ride added, you should be able to loop around the entire North Region from the Baldurs Gate Farmlands North and Baldurs Gate Farmlands East.
  • CK Interior updated from duster

Aside from the reserve feats, all this work is code by Rasael.
  • PRC: Man-At-Arms added.
  • Domain: Travel Domain changed and added back for clerics. The spells you get are
    4: Dimension Door
    5: Teleport
    7: Greater Teleport
  • Spell: Mark Plant changed to ranger level 1 so rangers get it now
  • Spell: Breathe Water added
  • Spell:Shadow Walk added
  • Spell:True Form added
  • Spell:Whisperwind added.
  • Spell: Tongues re-anbled
  • Spell: Tree Stride Fixed
  • A few other spells added for testing.
  • Feat: Backstab and Torch Fighting added for testing.
  • Counterspell exploit plugged, and Improved Counterspell works again.
  • Teleport now uses a global cooldown. Some more area's were marked as no teleport to avoid exploits.
  • Reserve feats
    • Acidic splatter put back to 1d6. Will also do sneak attack damage for arcane tricksters.
    • Invisible Needle will also do sneak attack damage for arcane tricksters.
    • Umbral Shroud should work now. The spell portion of the feat was left in a disabled state.
    • Winters Grasp can use a frost mages piercing cold feat now.

  • DM Lyrs NPC's added.
  • Fixed animal language being given to everyone.
  • Cursed items fixed and re-enabled. Seek out someone with remove curse if you get one.
  • Added troll hide drops to rock troll and cave troll so it will be easier to collect hides for the Thomas Quest.
  • Minor tweaks to the troll claw spawns.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:40 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • Gullykin update from Duster (to reflect ongoing rebuild)
  • Troll Claw Stone Giant cave added. Accessed in SW corner of Troll Claws West. CR is 22. From Tfunke. Initial Testing from the QC team.
  • Troll Claw Elder Ogre Stronghold added. Accessed from Troll Claws East. CR is 14-15. From Tfunke. Initial Testing from the QC team.

  • Man at arms taunt feat should be enabled now.
  • Clap of Thunder does sneak attack damage now for Arcane tricksters.
  • Fix the travel domain description.
  • Bear Warrior ready for QC testing. Class description also updated to give more information on the class.

Quest fixes / adjustments
  • Alignment change removal: There were a lot more of these than I thought left...
  • Adora and Farmer Thom: Quests weren't resetting, and in the case of Thom, wasn't even pointing to the journal for state changes.
  • Ulgoth Witch: For some reason, when you gave her the sandwich, it reset quest 31, The Imp's Ingredients.
  • Leaf did one fix to the tanner quest.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:50 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • Hydra and giant snake models added for the dev's and DM's. There are 3 hydra types under magic beasts for DMs. Cyrohydra, Hydra, and Pyrohydra. Giant Snakes are under Animals.
  • Underdark: Sshamath and Varalla's passage updated to reflect DM events. From Duster.
  • Stack sizes on darts, shurikens, and thowing axes changed from 50 to 99
  • Graypeak is back IG. It can be accessed from Boareskyr bridge via the boatman.
  • Graypeak Moutain now has a few rest spots (instead of the entire map being rest-able), some spawn tweaks and a new spawn, and has spawners from our newer spawn system.
  • Graypeak Balor should be immune to fire now.
  • Boareskyr Bridge from Tfunke added. It can be access via troll claw east or thundars ride. Awesome scripting for the bridge encounter by Leaf Smoker.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:29 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • UD Corpse Quest should not allow you to collect corpses any more once you have
    completed the quest. This was causing it to get into a messed up state.
  • Lighthouse in South of Candlekeep area is back in.
  • Farmlands adjusted to relfect drought.
  • A few fixes for Bear Warrior. Thanks for finding the issue's Molag!
  • Blood Magus and Archmage should be getting close to their lats round of testing. They received some udpates.
  • Dragon Warrior should now get blind fight at level 8.
  • Boareskyr bridge should stop spawning the bandits if you pay off the boss.
  • Zarmoon moved to central Sshamath. He gives the pincher beetle quest.
  • Sea Coast Island by Tfunke added. Sahuagin Spawns should be comparable to the batari
    which is around CR6 or so. The island also has Quest 41 which is granted by Juna in
    Baldurs Gate, East District. There is more than one way on the island to. The method
    Juna suggests is not the only way.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:26 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • Sahuagin on the sea island adjusted a bit to lower the difficulty. Mainly focused on their wizard.
  • BG East district NPC's switched to new conversation from Tfunke.
  • We did a minor AI change with certain spells. We'll see if people notice.
  • Bare feet added to the appearance changer
  • Incremental update to New Beregost. Tweaked interiors and exteriors. Enhanced NPCs and dialogs. From Duster.
  • A few other Miscellanious fixes brought up by the QC team and players, and updates to the PRC's under test.
  • Highmore area group as part of the Northern Expansion. They are accessed from the Boareskyr Bridge.
    • Two new exteriors from Tfunke and a cave from Knightmare.
    • High More South is roughly CR14-15
    • High moor, orzogoth is toughly CR15-16. You should go up to the top of the temple in this area to. It's a great view.
    • High More Troll cave is Epic CR.
    • The 3 area's have 20 spawns (Thanks Tfunke!)
    • Some custom AI from Raesal and Luna
    • Testing by QC and Luna

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:33 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

  • PRC: Blood Magus Released

  • Hilltop Ruins has had a few minor changes. Moved it onto the new spawn system, 2 new spawns and a few other minor tweaks.
  • North of Beregost, graphics issue fixed by Tfunke.
  • North of Beregost Chapel with 5 spawns by Tfunke added.
  • BG East District had some updates from Tfunke. NPC Conversations changed (they should be more helpful), 8 Interiors were also added for RP, and other tweaks went in.
  • Another round of Beregost updates from Duster to reflect the city rebuilding moving along. For those of you wanting to use magic, you may want to talk to a guard in the interior area for a pass.
  • Bilberry quest in the completed state should show up in the journal.
  • Gullykin shop restored to one that has the added daggers. Thanks for noticing that Steve.
  • 5 new DM area's added by Tfunke. They are in group D.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:14 pm 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265

General Changes / Fixes
  • RWS Pipes added for Tfunke and the builders
  • Arcane Circle Hak added for Tfunke and the builders.
  • Beregost Update from Duster
  • OSR Guild hall update at the Friendly Arm Inn
  • Fishing added to Ulgoths Beard: Death
  • Many custom placables, and new scripted NPC's added to Ulgoths beard and Ulgoths Beard Inn: Death
  • The broken reset node in Matty's quest is fixed. This can cause the quest to not reset depending on the conversation option you picked.
  • Fist of the Forest PRC added for testing with Bear Warrior.
  • Feat: Dead Eye Shot should be working again.

Changes to Baldurs Gate and Surrounding Area's from Tfunke

Bg Harbor
  • Added sewer entry to BG, Palace District Sewers

Bg Palace District
  • Added sewer entry to BG, Palace District Sewers
  • Added gnome with a camera

Bg, Farmlands North
  • Moved the spawns (from south of bg farmlands) to North farmlands.
  • Secret Sewer Entrance added
  • Placed Bandit Cave in this area now

Bg, Farmlands East
  • moved Jorns MPWC spawner to this area, outside East Gate entrance

Bg, Farmlands South
  • enlarged area one tile extra South.
  • added hilltop ruins to the south edge of the map
  • changed a seat over to a hay bale :) using KEMO
  • added a signpost - '120 miles to Beregost"
  • added one-way exit from sewers via sewerage outlet "pc turns up on the north-side shore, by the bridge."
  • Moved Jorn out of the area
  • Some misc. area clean up

South of BG Farmlands
  • removed bandit cave entrance link
  • removed hilltop ruins
  • New spawns added. CR4
  • area is now rest restricted - rest zones placed around
  • A few ambush triggers added to the area.

New Area
  • Bg, Palace District Sewers. Area spawns Giant Rats, Troglodytes and group spawns from the other sewer area. Area is cr 4.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:46 am 
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Posts: 265

General Changes / Fixes
  • Deez's Repulsive Shadow Barrier, Teleport, Greater Teleport, and Trace Teleport added to the Beholder Store in the UD, Candlekeep Library, and Sorcerous Sundries
  • Delayed Blast Fireball fix from Rasael.
  • Selling to Kemo Auction Disabled so we can purge the database and do some minor code enhancements.
  • Baldurs Gate Commoner conversation was updated.
  • Fixed the rat tail and bear hide quests.
  • Fix Kemo Auction in the Palace District. It will stop eating items once we enable the Kemo auction again.
  • Fishing tweaks by Death based on initial feedback of the system.

  • FEAT: extend rage II - IV added
  • FEAT: All shields now have weapon focus, greater weapon focus, epic weapon focus, weapon specialization, greater weapon specialization, and epic weapon specialization feats. These work in conjunction with charge and shield bashing.
  • FEAT: Tower, Medium, and Light shield specialization added. This adds +1 AC to your shield and stacks with the Man-At-Arms bonus.
  • FEAT: Agile shield fighter added: When making a shield bash and armed strike attack as part of a full attack action, your attack penalty is reduced by 2.
  • Man-At-Arms: Gets Uncanny Dodge at Level 17
  • Bear warrior tweaked a bit. Class is given extend rage 1 & 2 and loses extra rage. Will get tested again.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:31 am 
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Aug 4, 2012

  • Blood magus hit dice fixed (was d4, is now d6).
  • Shield specialization feats (+1 AC) are fixed.
  • Bear Warrior Prestige Class is now open
  • Fist of the Forest Prestige Class is now open

General Changes / Fixes / Area Updates
  • Kemo Auction Enabled again with some minor touch ups to make it a more efficient.
  • Cold iron weapons added to Maltz basic store.
  • The Misadventures of Malcolm and Matty should reset for everyone to clear people in the bad state where it's not resetting at all.
  • Baldurs Gates Temples redone completey and consolidated to one area: Duster
  • Kraak Helzak guild hall added: Duster
  • Thayan enclave was touched up with some new spells runes and other cosmetic features: Tfunke
  • OSR Guild Hall added and Friendly Arm Inn Keep Exterior is done: Gfya1369 & LISA100595

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:32 am 
Site Admin

Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265
[We haven't posted anything for the last 3 updates and do not have great notes. This is a rough outline]

  • Monkey for the Ulgoths beard quest also set to spawn on a trigger in the cave and added to one other MPWC spawner. This should help with the cases where some people can't find the Monkey after being in the dungeon a long time.
  • For DM's: Removed the items in the loot containers you can use to drop and put loot in like the create and loot bag for example. These were under [1200 Loot] and [1300 Loot]
  • Teleport Scrolls: Usable by Wizard and Sorcerer now by default (no Clerics)
  • Intuitive Attack Added. It was changed from Kaedrins default. Please see the feat description.
  • Druid grove set to Teleport Impede.
  • Fix the gong in the OSR guild hall.
  • Many areas have had their NPC's set to private Dialog (Thanks Duster)
  • Duster: Fixed bug in Gullykin with Hins talking
  • Duster: a bit more work on the Baldurs Gate Harbor and East District temples.
  • Duster: Some fixed to the Beregost Interior Area
  • Duster: Various other tweaks and fixes

  • Bigbies interposing hand set back to original spell for now (no more summoned hand)
  • Big Hair HAK added. This adds new hair styles for female humans and elves.
  • Faction tool (in BETA) from Ivan added
  • Radiant Heart Guild Hall Updates from Tfunke added.

  • Fix Fist of the Forest racial CON bonus check.
  • Fix issue where Intuitive Attack was working with some weapons.
  • Tfunke: Tweaked north and south woods of sharp teeth, to show lumbering and general environmental impacts of the Orcs.
  • Tfunke: Did some work on the east farmland marketplace and campfire. Changed new player start location to campfire (so it's not elfsong right now).
  • Tfunke: Spawns in the Coast Area South of Baldurs gate were redone with new spawns that are ~ CR2.5. The bears CR was lowered, but the bear is still there since it has a quest attached to it.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:01 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:14 pm
Posts: 265
[The notes were fairly bad again on the update side]


- Bandits and Dogs speaking Kobold should be fixed.
- Added map note in BG North Farmlands for Bandit Cave and added general CR direction to help new players.
- Fix Beholders not attacking
- Rain re-enable in some of the baldurs gate area's to reflect drought being over. Some crops also replanted.
- Doron Amar updates from DM Galadriel.
- FAI and Sshamath touch ups - Duster
- Ivans QC test tools and other misc fixes added.
- Pumpkins added to the Friendly Arm Inn, BG East Farms, Cloakwood West, and Beregost by IamDeathcomeforthee. A pumpkin was also taken from the NWN2 vault Halloween module and added by Luna.
- On going black orc campaign reflected IG. DM Galadriel.
- Serepent hills has gone through two updates and is in QC testing.
- Various updates from Rasael for testing of existing features which are still in QC and being debugged.
- Open language issue's should be fixed. Rasael.
- Update from Rasael with new spells / feats for testing.

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:25 pm 
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Posts: 265

--> These were pushed out over various updates in Novermber.
--> We probably missed a few things in the release notes here as there were a lot of updates.

  • Fixed the black orc spawns in the woods of sharp teeth so they attack. These were later removed as the black orc saga wound down.
  • Shirtless Saga cloak and helm for females added.
  • Doron Amar updated to reflect the on going black orc plot. DM Galadriel
  • Northern Elves Guild Area added. By Tfunke.
  • Scrolls for Rasaels new spells added to test the spells with.
  • A few purple worms added under Magical Beasts for DM use that have a scripted attack.
  • New clothing options added to the appearance changer. Duster
  • Thomas quest fixes from DM Galadriel
  • Minor tweaks to snakes in UD snake pit, higher level myconid DC's, and troglodytes. The troglodyte shaman is changed from a spontanious caster to a normal caster. This should stop it from spamming spells. Adjustments are Mainly to adjust some area's that were a bit harsh with these spawns.
  • Quests will no longer save you if your polymorphed.
  • Amn foothills. It's snowing again.
  • Serpent Hills is now re-opened. It can be accessed via Highmoor
  • Fix issue with the BG Gate size in BG Farmlands East
  • Frost Giant Palace changed to no rest based on QC feedback.
  • Nomral "red" red wizard robes added to the appearance changer since we broke the default copy a while back.
  • More padded, leather, and studded leather armors added toe the appearance changer. From Montaron.
  • Stuff added to the app changer - cloaks, full plate, padded, leather, studded leather, helms, a bastard sword, a few greatswords, and a few other things. (Akroma666 & Knightmare)
  • Duster did some fixes to existing appearance changer items
  • Bump the spawn rate of the orc adventerur in the water cave since he has an important key.
  • Touched up the merchant league due's quest to reflect people in Beregost are now in the Risen Phoenix (and not the burning wizard for example)
  • Hellfire Shield is now visible to other characters (mode bar change)
  • Added Monatron's new spell and feat Icons
  • Counterspell fix potential animation loop bug (Hoihe)
  • Invisibility mechanic fix: DM's will now always semi-reveal invisible players, so they can be targetted by DM
  • Invisibility mechanic fix: Aside from DM's only non friendly nearby creatures will semi-reveal invisible players
  • whisperwind script target location fix
  • Non detection now interacts with Alarm
  • Poisons should no longer be counterspelled
  • Acid Fog allows only one instance now, fixes not removing movement decrease if affected by multiple (Karond)
  • Grease the same fix as Acid Fog
  • Dead eye Shot UI's updated / fixed
  • QC TOOLS updated by Ivan.
  • Friendly Arm Inn, Baldurs Gate East Farms, Baldurs Gate South Farms, and both Woods of Sharp Teeth Area's updated to reflect Black Orc War. Duster
  • Whistling Wanderess guild ship added. Duster
  • New potions added to Some shops in Baldurs Gate, Hihg Hedge, and the Elixer store in Sshamath. Ivan
  • Various fixes from Rasael for current content that is under testing to be added

  • Divine Seeker: Sacred Stealth now usable up to 3 times a day depending on your Divine Seeker Level (was once a day).
  • StornSinger and Dissonant Chord can cross class now.
  • Red Wizards now get Circle Magic.
  • Blood Magus
    • Stanch now works (script: pc_on_dying)
    • Blood walk script: given the same workover as teleports for cooldown reliability
    • Blood Walk script: teleport targeting made more reliable
    • Added Bard progression feat
    • Added Deathknel twice per day at level 3
  • Shadow Dancer: Added Shadow Jump at level 10

  • Moon domain added.
  • Spider domain added.
  • Travel Domain TLK desc updated to reflect no movement boost being given

  • Update to Rasaels feats under test such as blows and strikes, expose weakness, arterial strike, backstab, and a few others not listed here.
  • Epic Animal Companion. Requieres Level 21 (No wisdom)
  • Epic Feat: Blinding Speed is now usable 4 times a day
  • Epic Feat: Eldtritch Master: Removed requirement for 16 levels of warlock. Is now 21st level, Eldritch Blast (9d6), Spellcraft 24.
  • Feat: Fast Healing I enabled (Requires 23 CON. Proveds Regen+2)
  • Feat: Fast Healing II enabled (Requires 24 CON, Fast Healing I. Provides Regen +4)
  • Feat: Fast Healing III enabled (Requires 26 CON, Fast Healing II. Provides Regen +6)
  • Feat: Throwing Weapon Mastery: (Requires: BAB +8, Weapon Specialization in one of the following weapons: Throwing Axe, Shuriken and Dart. Provides +2 on Attacks and Damage)

 Post subject: Re: SERVER UPDATES
Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:59 am 
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Posts: 265
DECEMBER 1st - 16th

  • Shadow Baldurs Gate Area's added for DM use - Dm Galadriel
  • Duster fixed some issue's with his hak file (duplicate files, etc).
  • Update the description to detect magic to note it will detect area's that block teleporting.
  • DM Area "BG UD Apartment" added
  • DM Area "Szith ~ Arach TInilith" added
  • BG East Farms has some dwarves fixing up the surrounding areas after the black orc campaign.
  • Kraak Helzak guild area update from Duster
  • Blackguards receive the feat extra smiting now at level 10.
  • Metamagic bug found by testmon should be fixed. Thanks Testmon and Rasael.
  • Blood Magus Mark ability fix from Rasael.
  • Spell Stonehold reverted back right now as the last update seemed to break it.
  • Fixed some of the area glitches found by maximus mischief
  • Dragon Pack I & II Haks added
  • Quarterstaff Models from IamDeathComeForThee added. These are awesome!
  • Model of a LYRE added for RP use. Can be bought at Maltz and the Mind Flayer store in Sshamath

    • 9 male Breastplate appearances added
    • 9 female Breastplate appearances added
    • 6 female Chainmail appearances added
    • 4 male Clothing appearances added
    • 9 female Clothing appearances added
    • 13 FULL Plate Appearances added
    • 9 MITHRAL Breastplate appearances added
    • 13 MITHRAL FULL Plate Appearances added
    • 5 helms appearances added
    • 1 Halberd appearances added
    • 1 Dragon Katana appearances added
    • 11 Quarterstaff appearances added
    • 1 Scimitar appearances added
    • 3 spears appearances added
    • 13 warhammers appearances added

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