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 Post subject: Baptized in Blood -- Geist Von Mitternacht.
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"Sit back. Relax. Unwind. Kick off your shoes, and stay a while. Fix a cup of tea, and sit by the hearth. I ask only that you listen. Because I'm going to tell you a story. A story that is as fantastical as it is insane. A story with heroes, and villain. Gods...and monsters. But this isn't just any old monster story, children. This is a story that begins as any good story does: With a boy, and a girl.

Our story begins, as many good horror stories do, on a Dark and Stormy night, in a land far, far away, in a Magical Kingdom. But this isn't any ordinary fairy tale, children, oh no. This Kingdom was a Kingdom of Nightmares, and Darkness. A far-away place called "Borovia." And this Magical Kingdom wasn't full of Faeries, oh no children. This kingdom was full of Monsters. Werewolves. Hags, and Zombies. This Magical Kingdom was ruled not by a noble King or Queen, but by a Baron.

Baron Strahd von Zarovitch.

Strahd wasn't like any normal Lord or Lady, children. Oh no. Baron Strahd was a whole-new nightmare altogether. For you see, children, Baron Strahd didn't demand simple things like taxes, or loyalty from his subjects. Baron Strahd had a much deeper, darker need.

He needed their Blood. And he demanded it in sacrifice. For Strahd was a creature of the Night. A vampire. A cursed soul which stalked the night and drank of the blood of mortals to satiate their own primal needs.

And that, children, is where our story begins. With a boy, and a girl. A girl who was taken by a Monster, as many of them are. But this princess was not taken by a Dragon, held captive in it's cave. This girl was taken by a Vampire, and kept within it's castle. An impenetrable fortress known as Castle Ravenloft.

Our boy Hero, a boy known as Gabriel, was part of an Adventurer company known as the Crimson Fury. They were a rag-tag bunch of adventurers, a rambunctious group of degenerates looking to make their names and find their fortunes in this world. They sought their fortune in this decadent land of strife and agony. What better place to carve out their niche as heroes, after all? Such is the folly of the young.

It was the Burgomeister of Borovia that sent forth the call for Adventurers. The call for those who would dare brave the mists of Borovia and set forth to Castle Ravenloft to rescue his daughter, whom had been taken by the mad Vampire Baron Strahd von Zarovitch. And like any young-hearted fools the Crimson Fury, of course, answered this call, braving forth into the Pendrell Mists of Ravenloft in search of fool-hearty adventure and coin.

...their excursion didn't last long.

It was a swarm of Bats, at first, that descended upon the adventurers like a flood. A flood of wing, and claw, and tooth.

Aryana, the party Wizard, was the first to fall. Devoured in a swarm of bats which rended her flesh from her bones as easily as one would pick the meat from a leg of lamb.

Endromalius, the party Bard, was the next to fall. Engulfed in the swarm which turned his bardic song into a chorus of despair and fear as he was torn asunder.

It was then that HE emerged. As one of the bats, larger than the others, began to twist and transform into human shape. But not a man, oh heavens no. This being had not been a man for ages, centuries. His bestial fangs bore, his claws extended in malice and hate.

It was Brutucus, the Half-Orc Warrior, who dared charge him first. Brutucus raised his mighty axe and charged the creature, striking with a frenzy that would strike fear into the hearts of all men. But this was no man. Brutucus' axe flew like a vortex, cutting and slashing into the creature's flesh.

But the creature merely smiled, and focused his gaze upon the Warrior. The Warrior's Frenzy ended as abruptly as it began as the Vampire's gaze crushed his mind, and robbed him of his free will. The Vampire ordered Brutucus to charge the others, which he did. Gabriel and Oerianna, the party Priestess of Lathander, had no choice but to put the orc-blood down before he could tear them asunder.

As quickly as the Orc fell the Vampire descended upon Oerianna. But she was a Priestess of the Morninglord, she was no stranger to facing creatures of the Dark. With a chant of holy zeal she illuminated the area with magical sunlight, filling the area with a luminescent glow that would repel all vile creatures of the Night. least it SHOULD have.

Strahd, with a sadistic glare, walked directly into the field of light. The light which should have seared the vampire's flesh didn't even phase him. He smiled a wicked smile as he casually walked to the cowering priestess...and dug out her throat with his claws.

He snuffed out her light. And then he snuffed out her light.

He was all alone. Poor, defenseless Gabriel, against a monster that had ravaged this land for centuries. He was as a leaf, caught within a hurricane. But he would not give up.

Drawing forth his silver dagger, a gift bestowed upon him from a girl he had rescued from bandits only a fortnight earlier, Gabriel desperately lunged at the creature, striking out as though he were a rat backed into a corner. And with one fated strike the dagger struck home, slashing at the cheek of the monster, which shrieked in agony.

A gash across the creature's face sent it reeling back, for only a moment. And then it healed. The creature's skin closed just as quickly as it was cleaved. And he smiled. A wicked, wicked smile.

"You have potential.'ll do just fine."

In that moment the Vampire Lord lunged forward, and grasped poor Gabriel by the throat. Like a Cobra, grabbing a field mouse, the young boy was helpless in his powerful hands. The monster's claws dug into Gabriel's throat just before he bore his fangs...and sunk his teeth right in.

The boy, Gabriel, was no stranger to the Shadows. He had skulked them all of his life. But now, for the first time, the Darkness was closing in.

For the first time in his life, Gabriel was scared of the Dark. A Darkness that crept within him, from all around him. And just before he drew his last breath. Just before the last inkling of life was drained from him, and all was lost, he heard something most ominous.

The tolling of the Bell. The bell of the Borovian Church-Tower, which struck upon the midnight hour. The bell which, when it ended, Gabriel knew that he would end as well.

As the Vampire removed his fangs from Gabriel's neck, and dropped him to the ground, he cackled a mad cackle, and gazed upon the boy's broken corpse.

"You shall serve me well, Meine Geist von Mitternacht." My Ghost of Midnight... [color=#BF0000]

And that, children, is how Gabriel Nightveil was no more. And how the tale of Geist von Mitternacht began. But the tale is far from over, children.

For death, as well all know, is but the first chapter in any great story. And this tale is far from over..."

Chaos is relative. What is normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly.

 Post subject: Re: Baptized in Blood -- Geist Von Mitternacht.
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Chapter Two: An awakening.

It was upon shattered dreams that I awoke with a scream, waking from one nightmare into another. Opening my eyes I saw only darkness. Darkness, and solitude, and the stale air.

"Is this the Hells!?" I screamed. I felt in front of me, and felt the lid of a pine box. I felt of my neck, and felt of my wounds. Thank the Gods. It was all just a dream. Just a dream....

"They have buried me alive!" I screamed. Violently, fervently, I clawed at the lid of the coffin in which I had been wrongly interred. But it was then that I heard a laugh. Not a menacing laugh. Not an evil laugh. Something far....creepier.

It was the laugh of a woman.

Suddenly, and without warning, the coffin lid opened. That was when I saw her.

Her skin was ashen white. Her eyes, and her lips, were the color of crimson blood. Her hair was as dark as the deepest midnight. Her dress was a fishnet lace that seemed as though it was woven from a Spider's web. She was as terrifying to behold as she was stunning, and she gazed upon me as though she were staring into my very soul.

When she spoke her voice carried with it the deepest of Borovian accents, a language that was as beautiful as it was harsh.

"We have not buried you alive, Mein Spielzeug." she teased. "You are neither buried....nor alive." she giggled.

It was then that I started to panic. I clutched my chest, gasping for air.

"I...I cannot breathe!" I screamed, clutching my own throat.

"Incorrect." she interjected. "You DO NOT breathe..."

[b]"What have you done to me!?" I asked, no, DEMANDED to know, as I quickly sprung to my feet. But I was too weak. I tipped over, and fell out of the coffin onto the cold dirt floor of...wherever I was.

"I have done nothing to you, Liepchen."she calmly responded."It is by the grace of our Vater that you yet "live" again. she calmly explained.

"Live....again...?" I stammered. It was then that it dawned on me. The Gravity of my situation. "I'm.....DEAD!?"

The woman merely smiled. She stretched her hand out to me, and caressed my cheek. I wanted to pull away...and yet her touch entranced me. She smiled to me, a fanged, wicked smile. And yet, at the same time, it was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life....not that I was alive anymore.

"No, Liebchen. You are ALIVE. Truly. For the first time..." she whispered to me. Never had I felt such calm. Never had I felt such...belonging. It was as though she was my lover. My mother. My sister. All of these things rolled into one. I felt...bonded to her. Because we were bonded. A bond deeper than family, or love. A bond of Blood.

"You must be thirsty." she calmly whispered. I was. So. So thirsty. A thirst I had never yet felt before. A thirst I had not felt since the Anauroch Desert. But not just a thirst in the physical sense. It was a thirst in the metaphysical sense as well. I felt...empty. Perhaps it was due to the fact I was now a walking corpse. Perhaps it was from the loss of my friends and loved ones. Perhaps it was from knowing that now, from this point, EVERYTHING was going to change. But the thirst was real. And it needed to be quenched. I looked over, and within this room I saw a fountain.

I crawled to the fountain, and reached to stick my hands in the running water.

"NO!!" the woman screamed. But it was too late. As soon as my hands plunged into the running water they began to burn as though I had plunged them into acid. I screamed an unholy scream of agony before I pulled them back out. They were mangled, and burned...

...and then healed just as quickly as they were burned. The woman laughed.

"Running Water is bad, silly. If you submerge in it, fully, you will die." she chuckled playfully. "And besides...drink all of that you want, it won't make you any less thirsty." she mused.

"What is it that I need, then?" I asked, curiously. After all, I had never encountered a vampire before. I didn't know what I was. I was a newborn baby, just now again learning to walk.

"Wow, you really are clueless, aren't you? But it's alright, Liebchen. The Master knew that you would need guidance. That's why he sent your dear Broodmate Olivia to take care of you." she smiled. "Now follow me, and we shall take you to your first meal...but be ready, Liebchen..." she cackled wickedly.

"For it is NEVER as good as the first time..."

(( To be Continued in chapter 3! ))

Chaos is relative. What is normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly.

 Post subject: Re: Baptized in Blood -- Geist Von Mitternacht.
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Chapter 3: Live for the Kill.

When you become a Vampire ALL of your senses are magically enhanced.

Your sight becomes so keen that you can SEE the veins pulsing in your victim's neck.

Your hearing becomes so sharp that every beat of their pulse becomes like a drum. A drum that beats faster with their fear, setting a macabre percussion that becomes the soundtrack to their imminent destruction.

You can smell their sweat.

You can taste their fear.

..and it is the most exhilarating feeling that one can imagine. The rush that makes you, even though you are dead, feel so....alive.

She sat back and watched the first time. She whispered in my ear:

"Do not fret, Liebchen." she told me. "It shall come so naturally to you it will feel as though have done it a thousand times.."

And it did.

It was a beggar girl. A Prostitute. A young woman who had turned to selling her body to earn whatever meager coins her "clients" felt like tossing her after they had used her and cast her aside. I could smell them all over her. I could smell her desperation. She took a small pathway through the woods to get home after spending her evening at the Brothel where she was employed.

I had mounted myself up in a tree, preparing to spring upon her and strike her down, to drain her. I could see the arteries in her neck, pulsing with that glorious Wine of the Vein that I so desperately sought. I was nervous. And excited. All of these emotions came to the surface all at once. My hands were trembling. Even though I had no pulse, I could still FEEL it, the rush, like a young lover's first kiss, the anticipation, the NEED for it. Never before had I felt such a sensation. It was then that I heard Olivia's voice in my head, as though she were there whispering to me. A talent she referred to as "The Whisper."

"Yes, my young Geist. are a wolf in human shape. Be. the. Wolf. Feel that ravenous hunger. Feel that instinct. Let it envelope you. Let it transform you. You. Are. The. Wolf...."

It was in that moment I felt the Change the first time. I looked down, and saw the fur cover my arms. I felt my hands change into paws. I felt my jaw twist, and contort. It was then that I began my first metamorphosis, transforming into a Dire Wolf. The thrill was overwhelming. I had become the Wolf I so pictured myself becoming. A hunter, bred for the Kill. My sense of smell was enhanced even further. I could smell her perfume. I could smell the men that had used her. I could hear her breathe. I could feel her pulse. I could feel the call of the night and the light of the moon. And so I howled.

The sensation was liberating. I saw now why wolves were so compelled to do this. The girl set her gaze upward, seeing the Wolf within the trees. It's silhouette outlined in the moonlight. And she screamed. She screamed so loud. But it was for naught. I leaped from the trees and was upon her before she could react, digging my teeth into her neck.

I felt the life drip from her, slowly. I felt her die. Every agonizing whimper. Every beat of her heart as it slowed, and slowed, until finally...nothing. She lie there, upon the blood-soaked grass, her eyes wide open with a visage of pure horror as she gazed upon that which ended her life. As she gazed

I resumed my human form, and began to indulge myself upon her Wine of the Vein. And as i drained her I felt a Mist form all around me, which then transformed itself into a familiar woman.

"Well done, Liebchen. I couldn't have done it any better myself..."

"Will she become a Vampire now, like us?" I questioned.

"No." Olivia said sharply. "We are Neonates. Fledgling Vampires. We do not have the power to create other Vampires. That ability is reserved for Vampire Lords. Vampires who are...independent."

"Independent?" I inquired. "We are...slaves then? To Strahd?"

She nodded.

"But, I do not feel like a Slave. I have my own will..."

"That is because the Master is not currently imposing his will upon you. But he can. At any time. We are...extensions of him. He can dominate our wills and control us at any time. And he will, when he needs us. He will call upon us for any number of tasks..some of them far more..vile...than others."

It was then that she held herself, as if ashamed. As if...violated.

"Does he....?" I inquired, timidly, as if I was too afraid to ask.

Olivia chuckled.
"No. He has his precious Princess he uses for that."

"Oh..." I responded, timidly. Olivia just smiled, and laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked.

"I know you want to ask. So I'll go ahead and answer. Yes. Vampires CAN have sex. Figured I may as well answer that question for you before you go insane wondering." she laughed to herself, covering her mouth with her hand. "We cannot have children ourselves. But if we bite a pregnant woman they can give birth to a creature known as a "Dhampir."

"That's good to know..." I laughed playfully. It was then that Olivia smiled at me, and gazed into my eyes.

"It has been so long since there was...another..whose company I enjoyed like yours, Geist."

She flew to me, and placed her arms around my neck, leaning into me. She had no pulse, no breath, but I could still feel her, though she was sanguine. Though she was not the one who sired me, Strahd had given her the ability to bend my will just as he could bend hers. Just in case I ever got out of line. She smiled her wicked smile as she leaned in and whispered her command into my ear.

"Be Mine, Forever, Liebchen..." she commanded to me. I had no choice but to obey.

I was going to be hers, Forever.

...or so we thought.

(( Continued in chapter 4.)

Chaos is relative. What is normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly.

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Chapter Five: From Dusk to Dawn.

It was a calm morning in my coffin. I had been resting so peacefully when I was jarred awake by a panicked scream and the slamming of a mausoleum door.

It was Olivia. A more terrified expression I had never seen upon her face. She ran to me and placed her arms around my neck.

Something was off. Something was wrong. Something was...different. I could feel it.

I had always been able to feel Strahd von Zarovitch in the back of my mind, skulking, able to reach forth and take command at any time he so chose. But now I felt...different. Like he wasn't there. Olivia looked up at me, crying tears of blood. We didn't have actual tears, after all. Before she could even speak, I already knew what was happening. Olivia and I had been together for over a year. Mere seconds, to an immortal. But I knew, I sensed, that our time together was coming to an end.

"He is Dead, isn't he?" I questioned. All I received was a slow nod.

"And they are coming for us next, Liebchen...those Fanatics of the Church of Lathander!!

"We have to go!" I yelled, opening the door to the Mausoleum to escape. Olivia dug her claws into me and pulled me back into the crypt, just before I walked into the Sun.

"NO!" [i]she screamed.
"The Adventurers have destroyed the Daystar! And have discovered the Sunblade!! The Dark Magic that protected us from the Sun is no longer there!! We....we are Vulnerable, Geist!! And I'm scared!!"

It was true. Though we were vampires, the Daystar, the sacred relic that Strahd had magically corrupted, had always protected us from the ravages of the sun. We had always been free to operate as we chose, when we chose, without the Sun holding sway over us. But now the Daystar was gone. No longer would we ever gaze upon a beautiful sunrise. No longer could we bask in it's warmth. The Sun would now destroy us the same as any other, regular Vampire. And this knowledge was horrifying.

...but not nearly as horrifying as what came next. The knocking on the door of the Mausoleum. The Church of Lathander was on Clean-up Duty....and we were next to be dusted.

I heard the command of the High Priest as he ordered his men to bash the door in. The door was solid stone, it would hold, but not for long. We had no way out. We had always relied on the Daystar for our protection, we had never anticipated it's destruction. We were trapped. Trapped like rats. And our exterminators were coming. We were powerful, this was true, but no match for the likes of the Morninglords of Lathander.

We knew it was our time for Final Death. We knew it was our time to go. Olivia held to me, digging her claws into my back and holding on with what little hope she had left. But it was then we felt the strike of the hammer.

A magical bolt struck the roof of the Mausoleum, tearing through it and sending the sunlight pouring onto us. In my desperation I threw Olivia across the room, into a shadowy corner, before backing up into the opposite corner. I was burned. So was she. We sat there, horrified, as we watched each other, separated by a beam of light which spelled our inevitable doom.

Then the front door gave in. I watched, terrified, as the light began to fill the room. Right into the corner where Olivia was cowering.

I watched, helplessly, as the light seared her flesh, and set her dress ablaze. She was naked, briefly, before the sunlight disintegrated her dead flesh and turned her to dust with one final, frantic scream.

Then they entered. The Morninglords. With their Golden armor that reflected the Sun's rays. I cowered in the corner, repelled by their Holy symbols which they bore with the power of the True Faith. But it was then that I heard a voice. A voice I hadn't heard in a very long time.

"There he is! There's Gabriel!"

He entered the room, head held high. His name was Morninglord Osharran. And he was Oerianna's Father, the Priestess of Lathander who had accompanied the Crimson Fury into Borovia. He stood over me, head held high as I cowered in the corner. His judgmental eyes cast themselves over me, and a look of pity fell upon his face.

"You poor, poor boy. So it is true. After the party fell at the hands of Strahd we sent in a search party...we never found your body. I assumed the worst. I assumed correctly. Dammit, boy, you became one of them...I had hoped you merely died. And now...I shall give you the Death that has eluded you for so long. But don't be afraid. It'll all be better in just a moment..."

And with that, the Morninglord raised his holy symbol towards me. I saw a flash. A sudden sensation of burning fire. And then....nothing. But this time it was not the Darkness that was creeping in. No. I had learned to embrace the Darkness. But those who are afraid of the Dark have never seen what the Light can do...

One week. I was dead for almost exactly one week. The Morninglord had disintegrated my Vampiric body with Holy Light until i was naught but Ash. Those Ashes were collected, and placed into a sanctified Urn, which was taken out of Borovia and taken to the Hall of the Morninglord in Shadowdale.

It was there that Morninglord Osharran breathed new life into me. It was there I was raised. I was alive, again. Truly alive, this time.

As breath crept it's way into my lungs I felt overwhelmed. I hadn't used my lungs in over a year, after all.

As the blood rushed through my veins I felt dizzy, as for the first time in a long time there was blood flowing through me that was my own, that gave me life.

And boy, was I hungry. Boy, was I thirsty.


I was still Thirsty. So. Very. Thirsty.

It turns out, boys and girls, that when Strahd von Zarovitch makes a Vampire, a part of that creature's soul is forever "Darkened." Forever cursed. And that when you experience a thrill, such a thrill, as the First stays with you. Forever.

I yearn for the nights I hunted as a Wolf.

I HUNGER for the sweet Wine of the Vein that satiated my thirst for so long.

I THIRST for the blood, that sweet sweet blood, that felt so warm in my throat and upon my tongue.

And mostly...I miss Olivia. The only woman I've ever known that wanted me to be hers forever. Truly Forever.

"So tell me, boys and girls...have you enjoyed your cups of tea? Have they made you feel...relaxed? pardon me while I sharpen my heh, heh, heh...

Because as I said, boys and girls, this isn't a traditional Fairy's a Monster story.

...and Monster stories never have a happy ending...."


Chaos is relative. What is normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly.

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