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 Post subject: Loghain's departure to Icewind dale
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Loghain still remembered the vision he had back in the fields of the dead before Isabella and her army of warriors came to rescue him. Even as he slept in the blade and stars inn like he always does, he tossed and turned in his bed, the visions still tormenting him and sweat beading off of his forehead.

"Loghain's eyes opened...and for a moment everything was a blur as so much light was descended upon him. He looked around, covering his eyes somewhat with his left hand and he realized he was completely naked. As the blur began to clear up he could see nothing but a light snow falling amidst fields of white, with the occasional dead tree dotting on a hill here and there. A lake of ice could be seen far in the distance as large as the eye could see and a lonely, snowy mountain sitting across it in the distance. One could see an obvious set of giant-sized double doors which appear to be carved out of the base of the mountain, bearing an assortment of symbols that Loghain could not recognize.

Suddenly, the wind began to pick up and Loghain's gaze turned to his left where a robed woman had stood with her back turned to Loghain. She wore a blue cloak bearing the symbol of Auril, along with several other priests who stood amongst each other in a circle with their arms raised in the air. They began chanting in a language Loghain could not recognize and apparently, the priests do not even address his presence. The winds began to pick up unnaturally almost as if a blizzard was coming and then Loghain heard a scream where the priests stood. He walked carefully to his left to get a better view and saw a half-elven woman restrained on the ground by rope whom he recognized as Arnarra.

Loghain rushed forward to try to free her from her restraints but his hands passed through her wrists like a ghost. She screamed louder as the priests continued to chant and Arnarra's skin turned to frozen ice and suddenly a blizzard formed around them with her lifeless eyes staring back at Loghain. When the priests finished chanting, Loghain could suddenly see the entire world of faerun as if he were standing amongst the gods high in the sky. He noticed, starting from icewind dale, a field of ice spreading throughout all of faerun and eventually the entire world was encased in ice. Thousands of voices screamed Loghain's name afterward so loud that it woke him up from his bed."

Loghain sat up shirtless from his bed, his celestial skin completely drenched in sweat. He looked out his window noticing it was the middle of the night and seeing Selune's moon still high in the sky. Loghain tossed himself out of his bed and began writing letters for several individuals in the coast: one for Arkaine, Shana Smith, Faye, and several others whom he could think of off the top of his head in the moment, detailing of his mission to leave the coast and make way for Icewind dale to the north to deal with a possibly serious threat. He would do this alone like he always had and awaited at the docks for the boat when morning came after which he had hired couriers to deliver the letters.

"You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war."

Loghain Keswick- Paladin of Tyr and Squire of the radiant heart-(biography)

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