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 Post subject: Ignis, Master of Ruin
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Ignis, Master of Ruin


Born in Waterdeep, on the 20th of Hammer, Year of the Shattered Oak 1313 DR. He spent his early childhood on the Street of Whispers in the Sea Ward. He’d been an orphan, making his living by helping with the cargo deliveries, which started to show early as he was very strong, even as a child. His usual route would daily take him from the coast, through the West Gate towards the House of Inspired Hands or The Fiery Flagon Inn. Both structures were based on the Seawatch Street, where Ignis made his home.

He was fascinated by the wonders of the gondian temple he passed daily. The young boy would spend his days upon a nearby roof, observing through the temples window as techsmiths and the priesthood of the Wonderbringer would toil day and night over their workstations. He had one day snuck into the temple proper through an open window, yet while Ignis had been strong, he had not been a very good climber. He fell from the window and landed upon an alchemists table, breaking many of the precious tools and scattering the ingredients. He had quickly been apprehended by the mechanical men, guarding the temple and was given over to the City Watch of Waterdeep. With no way of paying for the damage he caused, the only two options were jail or enlisting with the City Guard. He choose the latter.

On the 1st of Hammer, in the year of the Blue Flame, the boy of 14 had begun his military training. He had taken a liking to the life of structure, discipline and purpose and had quickly risen through the first ranks. At the age of 16 he had already been named Vigilant, a Sargeant of Waterdeep. In two years time he had earned enough money to pay back the the damage he had caused the temple of Gond and was free to leave the service, yet he decided to stay. The life of a soldier agreed with him, and he had the option of pursuing a career in siege warfare. Big machines had always fascinated Ignis, so he was all too keen on signing on as a Siegesmith’s apprentice. Within a year, Ignis had a firm grasp on the basic workings of ballistae and catapults. He had known how to maintain them and how to repair the damage caused by the elements and the erosion of time. At the age of 20 he’d been named Shieldar of Siege, a Captain, in charge of a small division of catapults, the youngest to have ever been awarded that title. He had enjoyed the life for a time and was very good at it, especially for a man of his age, but it had soon came to the point where there was nothing more the City’s siege specialists could teach him. He had been honorably discharged at his request and had left the City Guard.

His path would take him to the House of Inspired Hands, where he had struck a bargain with the High Artificer. Ignis would work for the temple and would perform tasks of engineering and repairs that had been below the priesthood and in exchange, he would be allowed to learn from the clergy about siege warfare, siegecraft and engineering in general. No guarded secrets would be revealed, but even the knowledge that the priesthood regarded as unimportant was leagues ahead of what Ignis had learned thus far.

Years would pass in such an arrangement, and Ignis would over time start joining the priesthood in the brief prayers in-between work, as well as extend his learning to metalsmithing and woodworking. By the age of 24 he had been a priest of the Wonderbringer in all but name, at which point he had been asked to don the Saffron and Crimson robes of a Wonderer, the lowest of the priestly ranks. Ignis accepted and entered the service of Gond on the 20th of Eleint in the year of Wandering Maiden, 1337 DR. Through the next ten years he had climbed the ranks of the clergy and distinguished himself as the temples rising expert on siege and engines of war. He had made his gondsman after attaining the rank of Seeker of the twelfth order and named him Credence.

At that point he had joined his first military campaign alongside the armed forces of Waterdeep as a siege specialist; the first military assignment since he had left the army. Those were the best years for Ignis. He had an analytical mind and saw patterns upon every wall and knew every rock for a structural weakness it may represent. After his first campaign he had been recommended to other militant orders, and his renown grew, as well as his fees. The Wonderbringer had been with him and Ignis had, during the following years, spent much time perfecting his craft. He had infused the secrets of the black powder into the payload of his trebuchets. His engines of war were anointed by the most holy oils of the faith, normally used for creation of the gondsmen. His skill was such that no siege he ever took part in had failed. His craft was death and ruin, and as long as he was free to orchestrate a siege according to his design, it would not fail. Eventually, any fortification would fall; it was only a question of time and maintaining the proper supply lines. This had earned him an unofficial title of “Master of Ruin”.

His travels and campaigns took him far and wide, yet he never stayed with one force for the duration of a full campaign. He would be called in, when the supply lines were established and the siege had begun. After he breached the defenses, or in some rare cases, fortified the defender, he had left with little care for what the victor would do afterwards. He was a craftsman, not a murderer after all.

Race: Human (Iluskan)
Age: 39
Height: 6’3 ft
Weight: 205 lbs
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Light Brown, slightly greying
Facial Hair Style: Feint stubble

Personality Profile:
General Health: At peak condition.
Deity: Gond
Initial Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Profession: Siege Master
Base Class & Proposed Development: Not disclosing the full build
Interests: Siege engines, engineering, alchemy, explosives, constructs.
Languages: Common, Lantanese, Celestial
Weapon of Choice: Warhammer (Blacksmithing hammer)

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