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 Post subject: Sae'dien Ahrken
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*Based on a quasi version of a soulguard.

Name: Sae’dien Ahrken
Race: Human -Female-
Hidden: show
(Lawful Evil)

Age: 34
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 120kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long and braided at the front, with two blue, silver bands in the shape of snowflakes typing each braid in place.
Hidden: show
The Frostmaiden (Auril)

Profession: Her (former) role in the Church of of Icedawn in the cold lands of the north, was to control/rebuke Outsiders from the Cold Planes. A Planar Frostmadien.
Base class & planned progression:
Hidden: show
Cleric/Divine Champion/Hierophant

Weapon of choice: Longsword / Sling (with a heavy shield) –she has still yet to master using a tower shield.
Hidden: show
Common, Infernal and Aquan

*Often seen writing in her journal.
*Tends to forget names easily.
*Has OCD when it comes to unsheathing her sword, having to do the motion 2 times before unsheathing it (everytime –which can cause a delay to action).
*Spends an hour on prayer each day, half an hour in the morning and night –the only time her necklace gets detached and removed from around her neck.
*Enjoys partaking in the Halfling pastime of smoking pipeweed (when she can find some).
*Enjoys reading up on subjects of interest (religions, the planes, fiends, the soul etc.)
*Sae’dien speaks very quickly.

General Description:
This woman has a confident, yet reserved demeanour about her at the best of times and seems polite to most she meets. Her beauty is undeniable, with blue eyes and smooth, fair skin. She is often prone to bouts of wisdom, yet can often claim knowledge on a subject she knows little about. She doesn’t seem particularly observant of her surroundings, though it is hard to tell if this is due to a lack of interest, or that she is simply too self-absorbed.

Meeting a new face, she usually surveys them with caution until they prove themselves worthy of her at-least partial trust. This can be achieved relatively easily, yet her ‘trust’ in others can just as easily be broken, if she feels threatened/abused or slighted.

Across her back hangs a heavy shield and she carries a fine looking longsword in a scabbard at her side. An easily accessible sling, hangs from her waist. A golden coloured band covers her forehead and her armour shines a dull coloured blue. She wears a thin cloak, often pulled back off the shoulders to leave hanging from shoulder plates of her full plate armor, as if to avoid the warmth that wearing the cloak provides. Around her waist hangs a rune-covered cloth with strange symbols that from a distance appear to be nothing more than a pattern.

Hanging from her neck rests a chain necklace that ends with the symbol of Auril; a white snowflake on a diamond with a white border.

Hidden: show
Sae'dien hails from the Cold North lands, raised in the Church of Icedawn amidst the mountains. Sae'din's "role" was to control/rebuke Outsiders from the Cold Planes. This particular Church of the Frostmaiden believed that the Devils would bring a "heat" to the lands that would melt the snow and "mortally wound" their Cold Goddess.

A year earlier, a group of four Aurilites from the Church of Icedawn headed south to the western heartlands on a quest for vengeance. They were following up on a lead regarding a fiend who had stolen the soul of a High Frostmaiden. They were never seen or heard from again. Among the party, was the brother of Sae'dien – “Kol’dein”.

Sae'dien took this as a sign from the Frostmaiden of further troubled times ahead, and so chose to forego her place at the church of Icedawn (along with the comfort its cold provided) and travel south to warmer lands. All in the hopes of learning the truth behind the missing Aurilites, while at the same time picking up the trail and taking the fight to the enemy… the fiend that stole the High Frostmaiden’s soul.

Hidden: show
*To find the missing Aurilites and her brother, Kol’dein.
*To find the fiend responsible for the High Frostmaiden’s stolen soul.
*To take the fight to the enemy, even if that means entering the blasted heat of the 9 Hells itself to do so.

*Oppose fiendish practices and go to great lengths to protect those beset by the power of Baator.

Potential Hook Points:
Hidden: show
*Perhaps she gets a lead, regarding the missing Aurilites and/or the fiend responsible for the High Frostmaiden’s stolen soul.

*Called upon to aid in the removal of fiends from an area/or to help someone beset by fiendish practices
*Gets a potent batch of pipeweed that causes mayhem to ensue.
*Stumbles upon a book with information pertinent to her goals

Per aspera ad astra

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