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Template For Character Creation Reward:

First Name: Aesha
Last Name: Sadhara

Race: Human (Calishìte)
Age: 29
Height: 5'6" (1.67m)
Weight: 104 Lbs (47Kg)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown, nearly black
Facial Hair Style: None

Personality Profile:
General Health: Thin and fragile looking. Otherwise healthy.
Deity: Shar
Initial Alignment: Neutral Evil
Profession: Merchant
Base Class & Proposed Development:Wizard/Shadow Adept/Arcane Scholar/Archmage
Habits/Hobbies: Collects magical trinkets, some times to sell, other times to keep if they make her life simpler. She is very forgetful, especially of names. That could be a lapse of memory but to her, if she forgets someone's name, it wasn't worth remembering in the first place. She is obsessed with gemstones. Somewhat vain about her cleanliness.
Languages: Common, Arcane, Alzhedo, Shaaran, Shou, Illuskin
Weapon of Choice: Staff

I am Aesha yr Hala le Sadhara yi Memnon.

I was born to Malik Sadhara and Hala Sadhara of Memnon on Kythorn the year of the Dreamwebs, 1323 DR. I remember little of my home land, something I lament to this day. I've been told Memnon is a beautiful city, thriving with culture and class, not like the barbaric and savage lands of the Tethyrians I have come to know. My father, aided by my mother's talent for enchantments, became a successful merchant. Despite mother's apprehensions, my father wanted more and was lured by the promise of a comfortable life if he brought his business north to Zazesspur.

I was young when we moved to Zazesspur, but already my father had begun teaching me his business. I had a natural talent for bartering and trading for the best deals, but my real interest was in my mother's arcana. I would often ask her to teach me her magic, but always she would respond that I was too young and not ready to begin. Instead, she would often teach me of her beliefs. At that age, I hardly understood any of it. It was all just words. Over several more years, that cycle continued. I began to run my father's shop when he left to gather supplies and my mother's teachings sank deeper, shaping my view of the world around me.

At the age of sixteen, my mother finally began teaching me the arcane arts. I always noticed her magic was different than my own, but I hadn't bothered to question it. I knew even if I did, she wouldn't tell me. She always held back her secrets until she thought I was ready. I would be lying if I said it didn't bother me more than a little. As my training progressed, my mother began dropping clues for me to unravel. She began teaching me how to manipulate shadow magic almost exclusively, conjuring shadows to mimic spells that I already knew. In this, her talents far surpassed my own. She did things that still amaze me to this day, such as creating a shadow version of herself. Even after learning her secrets, such spells are beyond my talents.

On the 12th day of Eleint, 1347, my mother and I traveled to the plane of shadows where she could train me to better harness Shadow Magic. I studied the connection between the weave and the shadow plane and what effect that connection had on my spells. As I looked deeper into the weave from the plane of shadows, I felt a strange energy entangled in the weave, or so I thought, but as I looked closer I realized the power wasn't coming from the weave, but from between the weave, a strange energy I couldn't explain but I was attracted to like a moth to a flame. I reached for this energy, but like a child reaching for the moon, it seemed to be just out of my reach. It tempted and teased me, the carrot on the end of a stick being dangled in front of me, compelling me forward but never allowing me a bite to stave my hunger.

I finally turned to my mother in frustration (which only seemed to amuse her) and asked for answers, what the power was and how I could obtain it. After a laugh at my expense, she told me that the power belongs to the dark goddess Shar, and it is only through her will that I could use it. If I desired the power of the Shadow Weave, I would first need to prove myself to her and then ask for her blessing to use it. When I asked what I needed to do, she simply shrugged and said that it was up to Shar to decide.

Having gained all the knowledge I could for the time being, it was decided that we had spent long enough in the Plane of Shadows. My mother teleported us back to the material plane. It felt like we had only been in the plane of shadows for a couple days, but in reality it had been four, though when we arrived back in Zazesspur, it looked like years had passed. While we had been away the peasants had revolted. Dots of smoke filled the skies from distant burning buildings and the streets were either empty or frantic with mobs worked up into a frenzy. Quickly, my mother and I returned home to find father covered in ash and his eyes filled with sorrow. The mob had sacked his shop and put it to the flame. He was devastated, mother and I were outraged. There was nothing we could do about it now though. Being the schemer my mother was though, she had a plan to make this work out in our favor.

Late that night, mother and I departed from the house. Cloaked in shadows we moved nearly invisibly through the streets till we found a sizable mob moving about the city. Using our magic we charmed a few members of the mob and began directing them to follow us. Like ants following a trail, even those we hadn't charmed fell in line behind us. We led the mob to a near by temple dedicated to Mystra and unleashed them upon it. As the mob took for the temple, mother conjured a widened darkness spell preventing anyone inside from being able to see the approaching mob, at the same time I cast a ghost sounds spell, emulating the sounds of the thundering mob, making the actual mob sound twice as large as it actually was. The priest of Mystra fled the temple without putting up a fight and the mob had soon sacked the temple and put it to the flames, with only the blood of a few priest who somehow slept through it all being spilled.

We returned home after words, still bitter for what our family had lost to the hands of these savages, but satisfied that at least some good had come of it. The days that followed, a time later known as The Ten Black Days of Eleint, my family remained within the walls of our home, avoiding the rampaging mobs. There were a few times we were forced to drive off people at our doorstep on a witch hunt for hidden nobles, but thankfully our home was small and simple enough that few would have expected us to be noble sympathizers.

Over the next several years I continued to delve deeper into the mysteries of the shadow weave. As my knowledge of it expanded, the secrets my family had kept from be began to unravel. My mother and father had been quite successful in Memnon, but when my mother abandoned the weave for the shadow weave, she could no longer enchant items for my father's business. In Memnon, magical trinkets were a key to success. My mother's sudden inability to enchant items for life long patrons likely drew a bit of curiosity if not suspicion. With my father falling into debt and attention being drawn to my mother, they decided it would be best to make a new home in Zazesspur.

Once again we had lost everything. With our business in ashes, returning to Memnon was out of the question, to be poor in Memnon would have been a disgrace in my father's eyes. We hardly had enough coin to even make the trip. With my training complete, it was decided that I alone would travel to the Sword Coast. They was partly to get me away from the constant state of war and turmoil plaguing Tyther, but also to earn coin and send it back to my family. If I could earn enough gold, perhaps my family could some day follow me, or better yet, perhaps some day we could all return to Memnon, which is where my heart lay.

Aesha is on a pursuit of wealth and power. She wishes to gain a full understanding of the shadow weave. Her goal that brings her to the Sword Coast however is to earn gold to help support her family, and hopefully, someday earn enough wealth to return to Memnon and live a life of luxury along with her family. She may want to open a business on the Sword Coast. Her mercantile skills would serve her well if that were to ever happen, but that is a distant dream at best.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
Aesha still holds a grudge against the Tethyrian people, in particularly the nobility of Tethyr for her family's losses. Baron Amir Raslemtar and his family fled Tethyr for Baldur's Gate. Aesha may decide to try to track him and his family down.

Aesha holds many of the values common of the Calishìte people. She enjoys wealth for the luxuries it brings. She does not believe in working any harder than required. She believes Calimshan is the only cultured land remaining in the world and sees the Tethyrian people as little more than barbaric. She is quite racist, but unlike the Tethyrians, her racism is against them and less against orcs and half orcs. She holds strong family values, but little morals outside of those. She cares little for those around her or their plight, and she will do whatever she feels is needed to get what she wants. While she may often be perceived as rude, compared to most Calishìtes, she has developed a silver tongue after decades of buying and trading with the Tethyrian beast.

Averëon Elestar, Minstrel and Sy- Gypsy at your service.

Talindra Nightstar: Pirate of Nevermore - Master Healer and Ship Surgeon

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