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15. The Apple

Steep rocky clifs mixed with a few small sandy beaches. At least that is how the landscape appeared to be at a small distance away from the harbour. After spending all morning at the market, Kitty had wandered off towards the seashore, attracted by its endless panoramic views. It was the first time ever in her entire life she saw such a stretched surface, such an immense rippling blanket of jewel-blue. Squabbling seagulls flew overhead and made their way towards the port where they probably hoped to catch some of the waste left behind on the streets after the market had finished packing up. Beneath her bare feet the world seemed dipped in earthshine-gold and in the distance the horizon seemed hemmed in fish scale-silver. Small, whispering waves cascaded gently onto the shore and over her toes. The sound of it was alien to her, but kinda soothing nonetheless.


It was all so refreshing and so completely different from the green world where she had been able to hide like… everywhere. Here, the only place where one could hide seemed between those cliffs or… out there, under water. Kitty shivered a moment though by the thought of being out there all alone in the open, with no place to hide, with no land -let alone a tree- in sight. She concluded to herself she liked the sea... watching it from the landside.

She started to make her way back in the direction of the port again. Soon the ground below her feet turned into a rocky shore consisting of rocky ledges with pools of salty water, small boulders and pebbles. She assumed when perceiving the horizontal color variations on the rocks that the water from time to time got way higher, submerging for varying lengths of time a large part of the land that was now visible to her.

Water mixed with sand swept glently over her toes and suddenly, during a moment when she wasn’t paying any attention where she was placing her feet, a burning feeling shot up from her left foot through her leg. Kitty stopped and turned her foot over. It appeared she had cut her foot on something sharp, probably a rock or shell. She muttered softly under her breath and decided to get out of the water. After putting her boots on, the white haired girl made her way over the rocks effortlessly towards the road up ahead. Less than an hour later she entered Neverwinter again. She looked around. It was obvious people didn’t sleep out in the open here, so she figured she needed to search for a place to stay. Going back to the forest that was called the Neverwinter Woods would just take her too long.

Uhm, Mister!? Excuse me!” Kitty ran over to a man carrying a large bag of grain, and who stopped to answer the girl.

Arrr, what be happenin', lassie?

Kitty blushed when she noticed the man turning to her was quite… colossal, with a bundle of muscles at a display on the arm supporting the bag. But, he appeared to be rather friendly and she assumed he was some sort of sailor.

Hi… uhm… I won’t keep you up for long. But could you please tell me where I could find a place to stay for the night? I’m… I’m kinda new around.”

The man shifted the bag to adjust the weight and rolled his shoulder before he said,“ Aye lassie, then ye have t’ be at them Golden Apple. ‘tis jist below th’ road on th’ left … a fair maiden Diga serves th’ rum ‘n ale. Be tellin' her Rick sent ye. But he has some jobs t’ complete , so if ye don’ mind.” His face was still friendly but it was obvious that even to a man of his calibre the bag was getting kinda heavy.

Kitty nodded,” Apple..? Oh?” She giggled,” Uhm… sure sure, thanks alot! Good luck mister Rick with the deliveries!” And she dashed off.

The man shook his head and resumed his path mumbling under his breath,” Kookoo bananas…

A few minutes later Kitty found herself standing before a building in a clean alley that formed a connection between the docks and one of the main roads leading deeper into the city. The facade featuring a bronze apple above the entrance seemed old yet behind it was the bustle of a well-kept, authentic sailor tavern offering a wide range of to Kitty unidentifiable drinks. Inside, the brick bar on the side and its towering shelves with hundreds of bottles was really an eye catcher. The furniture used was rather crude. The tables seemed to be a more permanent part of the structure, probably because they had been knocked over in the past one too many times. Much light came from the fire in the hearth located at the centre of the inn, but there were also some tallow candles and grease lamps all around the place and bright enough to relieve the darkness of the room.

Kitty looked around and could see this was a place where stories were told as well as teeth were lost. The front part of the inn appeared to be the place for drinking, chatting and perhaps an occasional brawling, while in the back food seemed to be served. The place happened to be fairly empty however except for a small group of sailors dicing over some coin in the left corner of the taproom.

When one of them caught sight of Kitty, he poked one of his fellow players and stroked over his greasy hair in order get it lie flat. He stomped on the wooden floor in order to get her attention and waved at her.

Ey, pretty missy! Like ta join us t’day? Ye get ‘em free drink from Ol’ Dirk!

Kitty looked over at the group and saw the man who had called for her. The man had a tanned, leathery skin that went for the years on deck of a ship. He wore a white, loose cotton shirt, barely hiding a strong and muscular torso. His hair was blond, his eyes were as blue as the ocean she had seen before, and in his left ear he had a set of golden earrings. When he widened his grin, she could see he was missing at least one tooth at the corner of his mouth. On his side was a fine long blade which Kitty identified as a rapier, and with its hilt gleaming in the low light of the candles on the ceiling, there was evidence enough that it was being used extensively. Around his neck he wore golden adornments and to Kitty he certainly looked successful and… kinda attractive. She estimated him to be early thirties.

Curiously she walked over and approached the table with men looking up at her. Dirk, or whatever his name was grinned widely and stretched his arm to her.

That be right, lil lass, ye c’ming ta see Ol’ Dirk now then ey?” He scratched his three-day beard,” What Dirk be ta wondering is how much ye ask fer... a nice screw!

Suddenly everything happened really fast. The man moved quickly and grabbed Kitty by the wrist in order to pull her close against him. But at the same time a rotating blinking blade splitting air passed her ear and thunked in the wooden beam next to the sailor’s left arm.

A female voice from behind her sounded,“ Ya cin choose, Dirk. Or ye cin leave th' lass alone, or ye cin start trainin’ yer other hand fer yer personal needs.

That provoked loud guffaws from the other men at the table, their feet stomping on the floor and their fists banging on the table. It seemed as if they were hoping for a nice confrontation.

Dirk let go off Kitty’s wrist and turned his eyes to the bar where an exotic looking woman blindly juggled a second razor sharp knife.
Ye should learn t’ mind yer own bloody bus’ness,... Diga…” he said with a low voice.

The man’s eyes widened in terror and threw his head to the left as the other blade was hurled in his direction, hitting the wood just above his right shoulder.

'n ye should learn ta sit still before me make ye bleed. And fer ye information..., 'tis be mine feckin' business… at least tha last hour me checked!” the woman said in a reprimanding tone.

The men’s guffawing erupted into an ear-piercing laughing fit that they could not stop.

Never before Kitty had met such a fierce lady. The woman’s skin was kissed by the sun, she had long black curly hair and her eyes were dark as rum.

Dirk grumbled and took a seat again,” One day ye’ll be sailin’ t’ yer doom, Diga.

Yea sure, 'n ye gunna be th' one on th' rowin' benches wit' me whip on yer back.

The men chuckled loudly, but Kitty overheard one saying,” Careful now Dirk, ye be knowin’ who she belongs to.

Dirk shrugged and glanced a moment at the white haired girl who was called over to the bar.

Lassie, ye really learn to be knowin' th’ four seas 'til ye draw ye dyin' breath. Ye were lookin’ for settin’ sails, no?

Uhm what? Yes, no? I’m… not going anywhere,... I just arriv…

The woman shook her head and interrupted her,” Diga be knowin’ lass, cin gift ye somethin’ to do aroun’ here. Keeps ye out 'o trouble fer th' the hour bein'. I be needin' someone to make th' beds . What ye shout?

Shout? Uhmm...


 Post subject: Re: Blessed, cursed or simply gifted...? (Kitty)
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16. A first job, a first acquaintance

The very next morning Kitty found herself in one of the guest rooms, taking the dirty sheets and blankets off the bed and dropping them in a braided basket while the sound of a song she was humming gently bounced off of the walls and tiled ceiling. She made sure the clean blanket covered the entire mattress which was filled with straw, feathers and horsehair, and tucked it under tightly so it couldn’t come out when someone got into the bed. The setup wasn’t that different from beds in her own ‘world’, but Diga had insisted on an extensive instruction right before each went to work. Next came the top sheet on which she put the duvet cover, and made sure the covers were hanging over equally. She peeked at the instructions laying on the pedestal next to the bed. Now came the coverlet, and after that, she needed to place the three pillows shams and three normal pillows -she fluffled previously- on top of the bed. Kitty arched a brow and looked between the bed and the instructions. Why three pillows? The bed was rather large but…

Then, it dawned on her. She blushed heavily and quickly made sure the bed was okay before dashing out the room, the basket filled with laundry under her arm. She hurried down the stairs and moved to the back of the building where she delivered the goods to a rather bulky woman who gave Kitty a sour look. She had an unpleasant odor about her and for a moment Kitty wondered if she was really a woman.

The previous maid was much faster,” she grumbled, lifting the heavy basket from Kitty’s hands without effort,” Ya better be learning quick or we soon won need ya anymore.

Uhm… hi. Oh, I’m sorry, I had to make sure I followed all the instructions,” Kitty replied softly,” I’m… I’m Kitty.

Yeye, I know yer name, lil kitten. Name’s Martha, and I expect ya to finish yer round half an hour earlier than t’day.

Kitty blinked, her lips parting to say something in her own defense, but when she saw Martha arched a brow at her, she changed her mind about that. Instead she nodded,” Very well, I’ll bring all the laundry down first before I go back making the beds.

That’s a good kitten, and really I don give a feck how ye do yer job. Just make sure I can do mine. Now out!

Yes ma’am!” Kitty suppressed a salute and was just glad to get out of that place to inhale normally again. Phewww, what was that smell? It was a miracle clean laundry came back so fresh!

Kitty crossed the taproom while removing the white lacy apron and which she hung on the wall. She looked around. It wasn’t bad at all. Each forenoon she would take care off the beds. In return she received food, a roof over her head and a few coins. This meant during the afternoons and evenings she was free to explore the city and perhaps find a lead to her family. That last thing wasn’t really obvious as all she had was the memory of a few dreams. A… small street, with a certain building. Well there were plenty of those around here and it was far from certain the dream had anything to do with her past or even with the city of Neverwinter. But… for now she would stay for a while, and this was really good enough. All she had to do was making sure she didn’t defy Martha and she simply would have to endure their short moments of contact.

The white haired girl stepped out of the inn and downed the alley leading towards a main street. She began slowly ambling through the southern part of the city. Inside this walled city, any space seemed used to best advantage, resulting in often rather narrow alleys and streets where only little light and air reached the cobblestones. Though some were really charming and could even please this forest girl. Kitty passed a leather worker’s shop where a few men were producing girdles and belts, and setting standards of workmanship and quality. The bakery right next to it was obviously a family business. She saw the man behind the counter kissing the woman on the cheek before rubbing a young boy’s hair who was fetching more bread.


Kitty strolled along narrow and winding streets, and only had to move a few times to the side for horse drawn carts piled high with goods to trade or deliver. Along each street -narrow or not- were a few little shops. A nicely smelling candle and flower shop, a merchant selling trinkets and fake yet beautifully handmade jewelry, and there was even a place to get your hair cut. At the corner of a small square she found a blacksmith and clothing shop which both got subject of her comprehensive attention.

Two hours later and fiddling with her new scarf, Kitty was standing not far from a large, unusual building on top of a cliff that overlooked the Sea of Swords and the Neverwinter River. The building -with walls constructed from stone and wood- had a giant dome as main roof made of an material which reminded her of metal. Two round windows in it ensured there would be a lot of light inside. After ascending a broad slighty bended stairs, an avenue bordered with columns, pillars and a few statues led towards the entrance. A structure that looked like some sort of pavilion and which was attached to the main building, clearly served as some sort of reception.

One of the two city guards standing guard and who were almost dying of boredom noticed the white haired girl sauntering along the avenue. He poked his comrade and motioned with his chin to take a look at the young woman.

That… girl...” he rumbled.

The other man turned his gaze to the girl and furrowed a brow,” Mmhh” And with that he started to make his way towards Kitty.

Ho, miss!

Kitty looked over and saw the guard approaching. He was rather short and despite the shiny armour, she could see he was rather muscular with square shoulders. He had black, close cropped hair and his face would have looked handsome if it weren’t for his nose which looked as if it had been broken several times in the past.


State your name, occupation and business in this city, miss.” he inquired with a stern voice.

Huh?? Ummh, oh. Hi. I’m Kitty and uhm… oh occupation? I only arrived here yesterday and work at the Golden Apple. Right now I’m just exploring the city a bit.

The man furrowed another brow and sideglanced at his companion who had also approached them. Then he looked back at Kitty, his eyes intense and examining the girl’s face thoroughly.
The Golden Apple heh? So, your boss is...” his voice faded, his head tilting.

To Kitty it felt as if she was being interrogated, yet she filled him in politely,” That would be miss Diga, sir.

The guard scratched his beard and glanced at his companion again,” Hmff. Very well, I will verify this later.

Kitty frowned and wondered if all new faces in the city were treated like this. As if every newcomer could be some sort of potential troublemaker or criminal. But instead she nodded and asked while pointing at the building behind him,” May I ask what this place is?

The man glanced over his shoulder. ”That is the Hall of Justice, miss. Hmmff, a temple dedicated to Lord Tyr,” he said, frowning at her.

Oh, I see. Can I enter it?

Hmm, today it’s exceptionally off limits. Lord N…

But before he could continue he was poked by the other guard who slightly shook his head at him.

The one who was speaking to Kitty, cleared his throat,” Hmmff, very well, carry on miss and come back another day.” He saluted and turned his back on her only to walk back to the entrance.

Kitty blinked…


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17. Diga

Three weeks later Kitty was able to find her way in and around the Apple rather well. Each morning she made up the beds as close to perfection as possible, and she endured the intense body odor near Martha. The kitchen on the other hand was a place where it was nice to linger for a while. Jeff, a bearded, middle-aged, good-humored man and the cook of the House, spent a great deal of his time in the large kitchen. On their mornings he was responsible for the warm breakfast. And thus scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh cake were the recurring smells in his workplace.
Already in her first week around he taught Kitty how to use sandstone grain mill, and how to mix it with various ingredients to make all sorts of pastries. Kitty couldn’t resist licking her fingers and thumbs as it turned out her own little experiments resulted in pies and cakes that were a delight. The other day Jeff had been teasing her and said he might have a word with Diga to hire her on a more permanent basis. She wasn’t really deterred by such thought. In fact, she liked being around here.
After work and sometimes a few kitchen experiments, Kitty explored the city further and further, searching for a match with that one image in her mind. Until one day, when she was untying her apron and getting ready to head out... she was approached by Diga.

Ye be wantin’ some company lass?” her employer asked.

Kitty turned over and smiled,” Uhm, sure? Why not?

Her boss nodded and motioned her out.

The sun was bright and early, filling the sky with its brilliance and a warm pleasant glow which emphasized the bright and fresh colors at this place on this very day. The sparkling sea overhead showed no signs of rain. Just a few wispy clouds forming neat lines above the rippling jewel-blue carpet were slowly dragged by a wind she barely could feel.

Ye look as if ye never saw th’ sea,” Diga said, frowning a bit.

Hmm? Oh… uhm! Nope, never saw it before I came to this city Ma’am.

No ma’aming lass, I be no Cap’n or married yet,” Diga reacted with a slight grumble.

Oh, I’m sorry!” Kitty said, clearly being under the assumption her boss’s humor got triggered by the ma’am thing.

Diga offered the white haired girl an odd look and raised a brow,” Ye be a strange lass. Mind ye, innocence be thought charmin' cause ‘t offers delightful possibilities fer exploitation. Whar be ye from an’ways?”

Humm, wh… oh! I grew up in the forest.

Diga walking next to her stopped and stretched her arm sideways in front of Kitty, making her stop as well. “Shout again…?” she asked, blinking a few times.

Kitty started to blush a bit and repeated more soft now,” I… grew up in a forest…

Diga blinked once and slow, then slapped Kitty’s belly with the back of her hand right before laughter exploded out of her like a sneeze,” 'o course ye be! Why didn’ I reckon that!

Uhmm… “ Kitty wasn’t getting at all why that was so funny, but offered her boss a silly smile.

Ye be a good lass, don’ worry.

The two strolled down the street until they crossed the bridge which offered them a clear view on Castle Never.

Diga stopped in the middle of the bridge. It was rather quiet around, a single passerby walking on the other side of the structure.
So what be happenin’ lass?” she asked softly, her smokey eyes locking on the girl’s face.

Hm, what?” Kitty looked up from her thoughts.

What be ye searchin’ fer? What be a jolly lass raised in a forest doin' in a city like 'tis?

Me? Ohh….” Kitty fell silent a moment, shuffled with her feet and then started to tell Diga about her upbringing and her probable origin. However, she kept Fauna and a few other details out of her story.

During the tale, Diga several times widened her eyes a bit and clearly was surprised by the way how Kitty was raised and how little she only had seen.

When Kitty concluded her tale with her search for family and the slight ‘disagreement’ with her foster parents, Diga shook her head disapprovingly.

Jumped up grass combin' chunk o' bat spits. Thinkin' themselves god-bein’, a damn ta hell race that thinks seen ‘n done it all… craft, artistry, sex, intellec’tal pursuits…” Diga shrugged,” Livin' in seclusion, bein' distant makes ‘em think it cin raise their wisdom t’ new heights. And their longevity makes ‘em confounded ‘n aloof. Them could at least have shown ye a piece 'o th' Four Seas.” Diga slapped Kitty on the shoulder,” Don ’tcha worry puppy, ye be among ye own crew now. Jist show ‘em how tall ye are stretched out on th’ deck, ya?

Kitty didn’t know how to react on that. It’s not that she hated the people who raised her or anything. Instead she turned curiously on Diga. “What about you? And, you said you aren’t married yet, but… uhm…

Diga, wrapping a dark curl around her finger, smirked as she pulled her finger down and out of her hair,” But what? What be bein' whispered on th’ below decks?

Kitty blushed yet she noticed she considered Diga being a most sympathetic lady. ” They say you are waiting for his return...?” It didn’t sound like a real question, but Kitty was rather careful and a bit uncertain, unknowing if the topic were sensitive.

Diga gazed at Kitty with a sharp, penetrating look that made the forest girl wonder if the exotic woman tried to read her mind for real. After all, she once heard some could…

Instead Diga shook her head a bit and turned away from Kitty. She leaned her elbows on the bridge railing and watched how a lean, oared ship left the harbor until it reached a zone where the wind rose and the vessel’s billowing sails were unfurled.


Him’s name be Maurice.” Diga said after a while, her eyes moving slowly up a little as if she saw him, hovering right there in front of her. “He had a slight misunderstandin’ wit’ th’ authorities, and he nay wanna volunteer fer shark food.

Diga turned to Kitty who had joined her leaning on the railing, her eyes glinting with mischief,” He gunna be back one day 'n claimin' me as his captin. Fer now I’ll be jist runnin' th' show here fer him.

Kitty frowned a bit, showing some compassion and asked,” How long is he…

Fer two bloody years, 'n if 'tis gunna take him a wee bit longer… Diga gunna find him ‘n slice som’ skin ‘o his front sayin -Happy now!? Ye have me FULL attention! Ye spud faced pants soilin' spider-kissin ' washoon!!-

Kitty made a startled movement.

Diga, who noticed, exploded with laughter and pulled Kitty by her arm,” Come lass, lets find us some shots. We cin search fer ye place later.

Uhm… okay. Shots?

Diga chuckled momentarily and then she began to laugh out loud uncontrollably… which however didn’t seem really encouragingly to the somewhat uncertain looking forest girl...


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18. Dreamer

Months passed and in that time Kitty had grown rather used to the idea of living in a city, as well as to the nice dinners and the evenings with the rest of the staff of the place where she worked. The people in the metropolis were mostly friendly, aside from a few drunken sailors, and there were always new unique and interesting aspects to discover in the City of Skilled Hands. People also seemed to socialize a bit more than back at her elven village where -granted- it wasn’t very evident with their homes built up in the trees. There, most of the time, elves got together during activities that were planned while here it didn’t seem to matter what your interests were, there would always be something you could do.

At the Apple things were going rather well. She got promoted from making up the beds and was moved to the kitchen where she helped the cook with making desserts. During the afternoon she was free and in the evenings she assisted Diga in the taproom serving drinks. Most of the time the inn was buzzing with energy and there weren’t many problems. Well, not really. One day Diga had taken her aside after a nudge and from behind the bar her boss had motioned her to look in the direction of a certain table.

When Kitty perceived Rick among the guys around that table she had looked back at Diga with a ‘so what’ look. It was just a familiar sight as the man who once had directed her to this establishment stopped by about every other day. Kitty just saw him as someone who was being a regular customer but Diga had grinned at that and shaken her head. According to Diga she was so innocent that she didn’t saw it. When Diga explained her Rick hadn’t been -this- regular before, it slowly had started to dawn on her.

Rick was all gentleman however and if someone bothered Kitty or any other of the staff, just the sight of his muscular features was enough to maintain order. It was almost amazing to see how a man with an appearance like Rick’s could be this polite and so amazingly sophisticated. Back in the kitchen Diga had explained he was usually playing carrier and though he always had been a good lad, she rarely had seen him -this- mindful of his manners. Every time when Kitty had stopped by at his table he didn’t speak with food still in his mouth, and he always said thank you. He never strived to be in the center of her attention either. But if those blue eyes looked up at her, they always felt warm. Yep, it made Rick all the more mysterious to her and gradually a mutual interest grew.

Diga saw it happen of course and she didn’t turn her hand for it to have a little bit fun over the topic. Always out of Rick’s earshot of course, except for right... now.

So? What will you do if he asks you?” Diga teased.

Hm, what? Wh… oh! Him.” The white haired girl tapped her chin. “I dunno, I guess I would come along? Well... maybe...

The topic of their conversation was the art festival in the next tenday that usually culminated in a dance party. Kitty was a little reserved about the entire thing as she didn’t knew how to dance. At least not in the way how it was done here. Neither did she had a dress for it (or the coin!!) and if she would be asked… she wasn’t panicking yet but the possibility had her extremely nervous.

Diga however saw it, and recalling Kitty’s earlier ‘buts’ wondered out loud. “I think I could help you with an evening wear and show you a few moves. Unless there are other reasons on your mind for not going If he asks that is...

Well… no… not really…

And that is when Rick popped his head in the kitchen...

Even before he spoke, Kitty could read on his face he had overheard the conversation, or some of it, and she felt ready to sink through the kitchen floor with embarrassment.

And as he insisted upon buying a dress for her… even -before- he officially asked her out… Kitty fiddled with the strings of her apron and didn’t know where to look, or what to say. Well, expect for a ‘yes’ that is... later on followed by a lot of daydreaming…



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19. Blessed

The evening gown would give her evening style a classy and regal flair in a color that was known for its elegance. It also kinda showed off her neckline and a part of her back. With blue being the color of spring and with her long white hair tied up in a pony tail she kinda felt like a flower in full bloom. It was perhaps indeed also the time of new beginnings. Diga showing up behind her smiled and looked at Kitty’s radiant icy blue eyes in the reflection of the mirror.


He be waiting for ya downstairs.

Kitty’s eyes dilated and her lips parted. “Rick…?” She seemed to roll that word in her mouth as if trying to sense its shape with her tongue.

Diga chuckled. “No, silly lass. Som’ drunken sailor!

The white haired girl blushed and nodded, following Diga out of her room and started descending the stairs after taking in a long breath.

It took a moment for Rick’s eyes to adjust to the dimmer light up at the staircase but not nearly that long for him to see the woman coming down the steps with an almost bridal elegance.
She looked so completely different now, her appearance dazzling him with the rich glowing tones and few but detailed crystal adornments for a touch of sparkle. Her silhouette was floor-sweeping, her appearance almost sacred.

Diga leaned over the railing and looked down at the meeting with soft eyes. Then she grinned and couldn’t resist but to shout. “She be an eye-catcher, Rick! Ya better guard her well! And don’ bring her home late or I will come and find ya!

Kitty blushed heavily and Rick’s next line didn’t help her shyness either. He reached for her hand. “Are you being beautiful on purpose? Not even a graceful swan could now be the center of attention.

She be shy, Rick. Shy! And you are not being helpful if you keep that up. At least that is what Diga wanted to shout... but instead she turned away from the scene and went to prepare for the evening herself.

Hours later Kitty found herself on a dance floor, a crimson flush was glowing on her cheek. He had just told her she was very beautiful and that she was without that air of otherwordly perfection and confidence several other ladies displayed. She could tell he was not faking, his smile wasn’t controlled and there was nothing fake in his expressions or words. At least as far she could see as her lashes fluttered down to hide her eyes.
She didn’t understand it though. Earlier he had called her charming, her company pleasant. But she barely had said anything and when she kinda tried to wave the compliment away he had reassured her it was all true. That he liked a woman who was not too neat and too polished. And then he took a step closer to her…

Kitty was looking a moment at her feet, but marvelled at the feeling of meeting his gaze so close to her own. The warmth within her became a heat -almost like a fever- when her body melded with his after his arm had slid around her waist and pulled her in. He captured her face in the palm of his hand, his rough thumb smoothing over her cheekbone before she finally looked up, slowly.
Her eyes widened slightly when his head dropped lower to explore her lips…

She thought she would be ready for this but every square inch of skin his thumb and his lips touched, brought a warm tingle of anticipation to her body. Did it mean she was in love? She had no idea but it sure as hell was not feeling unpleasant. Kitty closed her eyes, eyes that had been marvelling earlier at those strong muscular arms that were now holding her, and at the strong column of his throat each time when he had leaned his head slightly back and laughed.

She was feeling blessed… especially since she was unable to comprehend why he found her so attractive...


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