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One aspect of this server brought to you by the DM team is the existence of an annual SERVER MEGAPLOT. Not all events are a part of the megaplot, but many events reflect a small portion of it. Some aspects of the megaplot run a few weeks or months, some may stretch over the course of the year.


1. The Campaigns are designed to fill the year. There will be ups and downs throughout, but some plots are not intended to wrap up within a week. There are often several large plots running at once which compose the megaplot.

2. Campaigns are designed as world megaplots intended to provide an opportunity for longstanding characters/organizations focusing/contributing to server Role Play (RP) to interact with the world in a dynamic way and effect it over time.

3. The events of the megaplot revolve around guilds and long-standing characters in the server. Your 4th alt isn't going to get too much attention with respect to the megaplot. If you spend all your time grinding different toons to lvl 30, then you also shouldn't expect to be a major factor in server campaigns.

4. Please note DM's who bring you the campaigns are real people with real lives who do this as volunteers.

5. Some aspects of the campaign are effected by intrigue/clandestine guilds/groups. As such, their impact is felt by their effects on the world, and the details of the events which led to those effects are often only known to the groups/individuals who perpetrated them. You are unlikely to be aware of these events unless you contribute in them, or somehow discover what has happened.

6. Finally, the success of server megaplots does not depend solely on the actions and activities of DM's. These are a collaborative effort by the entire server community. As such, Characters contribute to megaplots by continuing the RP associated with them even when DM's are not actively running events. Characters should assume any event they participate in is part of the megaplot. If they bring the results of those events to the greater server, they will very likely find themselves participating in continuations of the event/plot in the future. Even if they do not, they should receive some degree of satisfaction from the continuation of RP from the initial event.

In short, to piece together the campaign(s), Characters need to communicate. Talk to each other about what you observed in events. Talk to other Characters inquiring as to what they may have observed, many Characters only see a slice of the megaplot, putting heads together paints a clearer picture (of course, all of this should be done IN CHARACTER (IC)). This aspect of the megaplot is intended to promote/facilitate server RP in general, not only when DM's are on.

(in order of giving the highest chance for participation).

# 1. Join or participate in the RP of Focal Guilds

# 2. Join or participate in the RP of non-focal guilds (best if established and - more importantly - active)

# 3. Followup on events you do participate in, generate RP in the server from these events.

# 4. Express to DM's your interest in participating in/effecting EXISTING plots
A few guidelines here:
- A: Do your homework: have an idea on what is happening first
- B: Do this as a group (asking for individual events is just bad taste)
- C: Have a plan. DM's are a gateway to interact with the world.
- D: note: DM's may play out your initiatives through PM's or in game events
- E: if you wish to communicate your plan via PM, please be concise & BRIEF.

#5. RP, RP, RP, RP, RP, and RP some more, and hope to run into an event.

Note: In all of the above, things happen... DM's get busy with their real lives, guilds have periods where activity levels go up or down, etc... Roll with these punches.

(Listed in order of Verity).

#1. If you are new to the server, it is recommended that you read up on the:

Server Rules:

PVP Rules and Guidelines:

and the

Lore of the Lands

First (the lore of the lands is broad and it may take some time to become familiar with it).

#2. The server timeline and history of Megaplots can be found here (note it may be in need of update).

#3. DM hints at the megaplot are often posted as DM rumors in the:

Elfsong Tavern

and Gloura's Wing (for Underdark)

#4. ...and may be found in the public write-ups of evens in the Dungeon Masters Realm (NOTE: please read up on general and individual DM guidelines for participating in events).

#5. Information listed within the Private Guild Forums (which have privileged guild member access - join a guild to see them).

#6. The great many IC posts in the elfsong tavern and gloura's wing posted by Characters within the community (the verity of which cannot be verified).

****NOTE: Some Characters have periodically put in the effort to consolidate information and put out Characters run newspapers. This is strongly encouraged and RP XP rewards are available. Ask for one ... After you put out an issue of course.

Current policy is to provide awards quarterly. Payment dates are 1st of April, 1st July, 1st October, 1st January. Payment is granted upon player request if a character has been involved in publishing for an IC newspaper in the three month period prior to the payment date. Those running newspapers get an enhanced reward.****


On Railroading: We are aware of the phenomenon of railroading and we try to avoid it. Most plots allow for a great deal of variance depending on Charactersr activity. Too much variance leads to no cohesion of plots, too little leads to railroading. These are plots and stories, so some degree of structure must exist to have them make sense. Sometimes plots are initiated to explain future content updates and development initiatives. This is another reason some structure on where events go is needed. Again, we are aware of the phenomenon of railroading and we try to avoid it.

We ask 2 things.

# 1. Give the DM's some good faith and the benefit of the doubt. Everyone in this community has had issues with DM's, and there is a degree of mistrust of DM's and their intentions built into much of the NWN2 playerbase. This is a fact. So again, give the DM's some good faith and the benefit of the doubt.

# 2. Ever seen this scenario?

My Characters wins and or the event goes in my favor = the event was fair and well adjudicated :D

My Characters suffers a setback of any sort = RAILROADING!!!! UNFAIR!!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! STOP THE PRESSES!!!! :o

... don't be that guy... :roll:

DM events are meant to challenge and entertain players. They will have ups and downs in the short run. Players are asked to always deal with matters In Character (IC), up and down, good or bad. The down's should be viewed as opportunities to explore your character's approach to dealing with adversity, the up are much sweeter when they come after overcoming adversity than when they are spoon fed you (this is why they have single player games and cheat codes and/or easy settings).

Constructive feedback is welcome after campaigns, especially on technical matters of execution. We do try to improve what we do as a DM team based on this feed back. BY after campaigns, I mean AFTER CAMPAINGS, such as on last years campaign... not last weekends event where things didn't go as you planned...

Above all. always remember.


Lore Base of the 1352 Campaign

Campaign State of Affairs - 1352 - Year of the Dragon[/quote]

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Additional recommendations based on player feedback.

1. Make a plan and communicate it to the DM's. Be inclusive, DM's are not likely to respond to an individual plan, but far more likely to respond to a group of 4-6 or even better a guild's initiative.

By plan and response, we mean a planned response to ongoing events. You are far less likely to get a DM's response to a new initiative you wish for your character which is unrelated to ongoing DM plots (that's not to say you will never get responses to this, but engaging with ongoing events is more likely to receive one).

To communicate these plans to DM's, make sure you PM links to posts about them to the DM/ADM usergroups.

Finally, make sure that your plan is actionable. Try to have specific actions in mind.

2. Many players note that DM writeups and rumors are vague and cryptic. PLEASE BE AWARE that the details to any writeups have likely been experienced by other player participating in events. Ask questions, discuss, investigate... RP. Some players/factions may be more or less likely to share information... this is part of the RP environment as well.

3. Events - especially the megaplot - are intended to liven up the world and bring it to life. They are intended to be an unexpected environment in line with lore through which your characters have the opportunity to distinguish themselves.

4. Finally, give participants the benefit of the doubt and play nice. This is a unique opportunity, experience, and experiment in the world of MMO's.

Lore Base of the 1352 Campaign

Campaign State of Affairs - 1352 - Year of the Dragon[/quote]

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