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 Post subject: Solwyn Astorio
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First Name: Solwyn
Last Name: Astorio

Race: Half-elf
Age: 30
Height 5 feet
Weight: 110 pounds
Eyes: Deep green
Hair: Brown ponitail
Facial Hair Style: Clean-shaven

Personality Profile:
General Health: Very skinny, though his figure does not look like result of some sickness.
Deity: Not really religious, though respects cults of Oghma and Deneir
Initial Alignment: Chaotic-neutral.
Profession: Singer, author and just a good company along the road.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Bard 26/Fighter 4
Habits/Hobbies: Uses forms of words "sure" often. Afraid of rats. Writes his own songs about his journeys.
Languages: Common, elven, halfling
Weapon of Choice: Battleaxe and light shield. Carryes load of darts or throwing axes as sidearm.

Solwyn Astorio was born in 1322 DR in Baldur's Gate, though at the age of 22 his wanderlust made him travel to Dalelands and then wander Cormyr. Now Solwyn returns to the city only to find out that his father bravely died holding out hordes of undead. He is trying to find his mother who sold family house in docks and moved to the Ulgoth's Beard.
His father (Nicholas Astorio) was Cormyrian soldier for 10 years but then he retired and moved to Featherdale where Nicholas met Angua Gariatre, young elven girl, originated from the area. Not a long story: they fell in love with each other and decided to move in a big city, where their child can be raised without prejudice of Anguas' relatives.
In Baldur's Gates Nicholas decided to once again tie his life with military and became at first a city guard and then a martial arts instructor. While he was quite skilled at his profession, Nicholas rarely had time and energy to exercise his kid. But he managed to learn Solwyn to properly handle most commonly met weapons and shields, though young half-elf lacked physical training to excel at that art. Angua, mostly, spend time with her child. She taught him elven language, how to use his agile body to avoid traumas and problems and how to survive in woods. However Solwyn was mostly interested in her tales and songs as well as trips to nearby towns and inns.
In Dalelands he met halfling who taught Solwyn a thing or two about traps and throwing weapons. They spend together enough time so that Solwyn was able to learn halfling language. They were good friends, though halfling never followed half-elf to Baldur's Gate when time has come for Solwyn to return home.
Goals: His lust for inspiration and knowledge makes Solwyn participate in various companies around Sword Coast. His primary goal is to find out his family's fate and more spicifically why their place was sold without telling their neigbours where can they find Astorios' new home.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Afraid of rats for no reason. Has no idea yet where can he find his mother. Have a suspicion (yet uncofirmed) about his father's death.

Solwyn Astorio, humble bard (11)

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