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 Post subject: Lucan Stalkingwolf
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Template For Character Creation Reward:

First Name: Lucan
Last Name: Stalkingwolf

Appearance: Wears Leathers in colors allowing for camoflage/stealth when in woodland areas. Has tanned skin from spending much of his time outdoors. Carries a bow as well as blunt and slashing weapons, a skinning knife and a hatchet.
Race: Wood Elf
Age: Young for an Elf. Perhaps in his 100th year or thereabouts
Height: Slightly above average for an Elf male
Weight: Heavy for an Elf due to a stocky build with broad shoulders and thick muscle mass
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Brown
Facial Hair Style:

Personality Profile: Stoic, reserved, patient and alert
General Health: Great!
Deity: Rillifane Rallathil
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Woodsmen / No profession
Base Class & Proposed Development: Ranger (full)
Habits/Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, bowyer/fletcher, maintaining weapons and equipment. Survivalist at home on his own in the woodlands
Languages: Common, Elvish, Orcish, Animal
Weapon of Choice: Medium dual wield weapons. eventually will probably be long swords with back up flails or morning stars

Background: Grew up among an Elven village in the High Forest. Father was a Ranger and Lucan wished to do the same, scouting and protecting his people. However, events in the village caused him to seek out other Elves in the Sword Coast.
Goals: Protect the Elven people, fight their enemies and continue to learn ways to better defend others.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: TBD through RP.

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 Post subject: Re: Lucan Stalkingwolf
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