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 Post subject: Meshana Ratheeria
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First Name: Meshana
Last Name: Ratheeria

Race: Human (With very Diluted Moon-Elf Ancestory)
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight: 126 pounds
Eyes:Pale Blue
Hair:Chocolate Brown
Hairstyle: Usually worn down. It’s a windblown, messy kind of wavy.
Skin Tone: Dark skinned. A mid-brown.


Personality Profile:
General Health: Very fit. Has an athletic build, like that of a dancer’s. She seems to be in good health, despite having amnesia.
Deity: Lliria
Initial Alignment:Chaotic Good
Profession:Mostly Unemployed, Will do Contract Work
Base Class & Proposed Development: Rogue + Fighter > Dervish
Habits/Hobbies: Dancing, Sewing, Training, Acrobatics
Languages: Cant, Elven, Common, Goblin, Gnoll
Weapon of Choice:Falchion (Really, it’s a Great sword, but it’s got the model of a Falchion)

Meshana is short and thin, graceful in her step. She’s built like a dancer, toned and agile. She usually stands straight, only slouching when she’s tired.
Meshana’s round face is framed by wavy, chocolate-brown hair. It usually looks a bit of a mess, but that’s because she’s always out doing something. Meshana’s eyes are a real pale blue, very close to white. Meshana has a warm smile, and she usually wears a happy expression. It’s very rare to find a frown on her lips.
Casual Clothing:
Meshana loves to wear loose-fitting clothes most of the time, anything that doesn’t bind her movement. She prefers dresses, silks and cotton. She has a favorite dress, a purple one with gold embellishments and darker purple design. Her clothing usually resembles that of gypsies, layered skirts, lots of jewelry, shawls, scarves, sandals. Sometimes she will wear pants and a loose-fitting top, usually when she plans on traveling long distances instead of staying home in Baldur’s Gate or staying for a long weekend at an inn.
Meshana wears very light armor, usually leather or the like. Like her casual clothing, her armor is usually dyed bright colors like blues and purples. Meshana is usually always seen with a cloak and fingerless gloves of some sort. She wears a bandana on her head that looks a little old but clean. It’s a deep red, and doesn’t normally match the rest of her outfit. She snagged it from Cole (Taintedgee’s character), her fiancé. If out adventuring with her Cole, there are usually magic wards around her.
Meshana carries a small club on her belt, a hand crossbow hidden away, usually beneath her cloak, and a Falchion at her hip. The Falchion is her favorite weapon as she likes the draw cut style of combat. The hilt of the Falchion she has is decorated in gold and silver. It looks well taken care of, as Cole taught her everything she knows about her weapons and how to tend to them.

Meshana is a mostly outgoing woman, though she can come off as shy sometimes. She is rarely seen unhappy, a hop to her step, always willing to try new things and explore. A lot of people have called her ‘Too Friendly’, though it is obvious that she has no ulterior motives to how she acts around others. She always thinks of her friends before thinking of herself and goes out of her way to make others happy. Around her fiancé, she’s usually seen showing him true affection, doing little things like holding his hand, leaning her head on his shoulder. She seems genuinely happy to be with him.
Meshana has a drive for exploration and to become better at what she does. She, like others, have goals she wants to find accomplished, many before she decides to retire the life of adventuring, settling with a family of her own. In her past, Meshana had found her family and late fiancé, Harold, killed, and so she strives to be better in combat and to never stop exploring, so she can find whoever slaughtered them and give he/she/them a piece of her mind. Although she’s been hoping for the day for a while now, she still doesn’t know how she plans on handling the situation, should it arrive. The only thing she can think of, as far as leads to the killer, is that they were somehow linked with her deceased husband-to-be.
Meshana’s ego is very rarely seen, though if ever, usually in battle after she’s landed a series of wondrous blows to her foe. She always seems extremely proud of herself, which can be explained by her lack of a life in constant battle before her amnesia. She does, however, usually give thanks to Cole, as he’s taught her and still is teaching her the ways of the sword. Something else that Meshana seems to always be proud of is her nimble fingers, the way she can easily disarm traps and open locks.

NOTE: (So, Meshana’s past was all played out on a PnP game. Take it with a pinch of salt. She had a serious accident that led to her amnesia, and she is mostly fine now, though without most memories of anything prior to it. I can’t directly translate it here, as it wouldn’t fit in with the lore of the server, but I plan on keeping anything that would conflict exactly what it is: Her past. I am and still will try my hardest to avoid lore conflict in RP, events, or with other players and DMs. I’m going to keep things I put in her background pretty light for this reason.)
Thirty-eight years ago Meshana was born the eldest in a nomadic family. Her family made money by selling trinkets and performing in the places they stopped. Eventually the family grew to be Meshana, her mother and father, and two brothers and two sisters. Her parents left most of the child raising to Meshana, so she has a knack for taking care of kids and has a mostly strong sense of responsibility.
When Meshana and her siblings got older, her family settled down in Suzail, Cormyr as it was a frequent stop during their travels. There, Meshana met a man of much worth, a man out of a family which was a lot better off than her own. Harold came across as a nice man and he fell in love with Meshana rather quickly. Though she was unsure how she felt about him, she agreed to his hand in marriage when he asked, if only for convenience for her family. She stayed content being his wife for five years.
It wasn’t until she turned thirty-seven that she found him cheating on her and she began to feel more used and having to be obedient. Of course, Mehana always felt the need to keep others happy before herself so she stayed with him, despite growing to hate the man with every passing day.
Meshana had a job, selling trinkets and jewelry at the market every morning. One of those days she came home to find her whole family and Harold murdered. She took off running, without even thinking things through, and thus started her life of adventuring so she could find whoever did it and get back at them for it.
Along the way she gets into trouble and is saved by a half-elf named Arloid (Taintedgee’s character in the PnP game.). He takes care of her and she sticks with him in his journeys, and she falls in love with him, though the love is unrequited. Eventually things take a turn for the worst on one of their adventures together and Meshana wakes up in Icewind Dale, alone, and with barely a memory.
Things do begin to come back to Meshana through the haze that is her mind, like things about her family, Harold, significant and insignificant things about her past, and of course the murder of her loved ones.
Meshana doesn’t live in Icewind Dale for too terribly long, but while she’s there she meets an elf woman, Tindra (Lux’s character) who takes a curiosity in Meshana’s memory loss and tries to help her remember. Tindra puts two-and-two together and finds that an acquaintance of hers, Arloid, is tied with Meshana’s past. She gets Arloid and Meshana to meet, only to find Arloid refuses to tell Meshana what happened.
Meshana meets Cole in the time she resides in Icewind Dale and they fall in love. Cole takes Meshana away from Icewind Dale in hopes she can get her mind off of her lost memories and start life anew. Meshana finds herself thinking a lot less of the fact she can’t remember and seems a lot happier and better off for it, but if it’s brought up she will sink into an almost unbreakable train of thought about the what if’s and how to’s. She’s always, though secretly, trying to figure out how to get back her memory, even if she denies it.
Right now Meshana and Cole live in Baldur’s Gate, though most nights are spent in inns as they travel the region.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Goals:
• See the world as far as she can explore
• Settle down in a house by a lake with Cole and have a family one day
• Dance for people like she had when she was young with her family while they traveled
• Find her family’s killer(s) and get some sort of revenge or do something to make herself feel a little less upset about it

Meshana Mikhal - Gypsy Dancer from Suzail
Clarissa Hawthorne - Tempest of the Shadows
Rita Faheeling - Noble Archer, Elf with the Heart for Exploration
Gailen Rathios - Charmer, Trickster, Apprentice of the Arcane Arts
Keeara Tare'dagon - Guardian, Hyperactive, Favored of Helm

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 Post subject: Re: Meshana Ratheeria
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