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 Post subject: Allisa Ilyara
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Template For Character Creation Reward:

First Name: Allisa
Last Name: Ilyara

Appearance: Her skin is fair, a trait of her Sun elf father, and her hair as white as freshly fallen snow after her mother, a Moon elf. She is almost never seen without her perfectly polished armor that shines like a mirror in the sun.
Race: Moon elf
Age: Just shy of her 2nd century
Height Short, even by elven standards
Weight: Lithe
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Hair: Snow White
Facial Hair Style: N/A

Personality Profile: She takes her duty as a follower of the Watcher seriously, despite being a fallen paladin. Once committed to a task, she sees it through to the end. She is calm and patient, preferring to have all the facts before acting. She will help others before even her own duty to Helm, but if she can do both, she will.
General Health: Strong, healthy, fit
Deity: Helm
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Mercenary, bodyguard, Protector of the Weak
Base Class & Proposed Development: Fighter/ Weaponmaster
Habits/Hobbies: Enjoys maintaining her gear, humming elven songs of her childhood, and constantly training
Languages: Elven, Common, Sylvan
Weapon of Choice: Bastard Sword

Background: Allisa Ilyara was born on Evermeet, a child of a moon elf and sun elf. While still a babe, her mother, Allyndra, left the island. They spent much of Allisa's childhood traveling the Sword Coast. They traveled to elven lands, first in the Wood of Sharp Teeth, then the Misty Forest, and eventually, the High Forest. As they journeyed back to the Wood of Sharp Teeth, the two were waylaid by bandits. Allyndra was killed, but before they could turn their attention to the young elfling, a young paladin named Elwin jumped to her rescue. An adult by human standards, he took Allisa with back to Amn, where she learned of Helm.

Decades later, Allisa finally convinced Elwin to allow her to train as a paladin of Helm. She carried out her duties as his squire, trained hard, and eventually became a paladin of the Vigilant One. She traveled with her mentor against the enemies of Amn, often fighting against the monster races in the wilds outside Athkatla. After years of faithful service, her mentor passed, and with his death, came a commander that was not as thrilled with the elven Watcher. He sent her north to Waterdeep to serve there before Elwin's funeral service had even taken place.

Once in Waterdeep, her prowess and dedication were quickly recognized, and after sixty years of faithful service, she was faced with the most difficult decision of her life. Save the lives of some villagers under attack by orcs, or follow the orders of her commander. Dedicated to Helm, she continued escorting the merchants towards Baldur's Gate. Once her mission was completed, she returned to the village, or rather, what was left of the village, to search for survivors. After burying the dead, she returned to Waterdeep to resign from the Order.

Allisa then traveled the Sword Coast offering help where she could, haunted by her decision to abandon the village. She repelled several orc raids on small villages, tossed down the ocassional bandit hideout, and rescued the daughter of a farmer that was taken by gnolls. When she heard of the troubles around Baldur's Gate and its immediate countryside, she packed what little she owned, and headed south.

Goals: Redeem herself, help the Sword Coast, help those in need, uphold Helm's dogma
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Helm's followers in either Waterdeep or Athkatla may call on her for help, she finds another village under attack while on a mission of the church

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 Post subject: Re: Allisa Ilyara
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