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Name: Vudor Thunderclap, Son of Vudon and Wadar Thunderclap

Verbal languages: common, orc, jotun, and illuskan.

Written language: he knows only the common and orc symbol spelling and pronunciation of a few words such as Talos, axe, storm, High Moor, orc, and Black Orc.

Age: 35

General description:

One of the few survivors of the catastrophic Thunderclap melees with the Black Orc Horde, Vudor, was left for dead on the battlefield, only saved by his skill with his shield and battleaxe, with dire wounds that kept him from full health for years, losing his brave wife Yador and his parents in the same battle that nearly took his own life. After such a disaster for his people and its near death experience for him, he is now mindful of the lessons of too impulsive and misdirected fury. Noting as much, he still highly regards the Thunderclap values of ruthlessness, fury, and impulsiveness, but with somewhat more measured direction and application, although not much more measured. Due to the harm that the Black Orcs inflicted on his tribe, he hates their kind more than any other. Vudor has traveled here and there from time to time since his family's death with various groups of northern scoundrels and adventurers to earn a living when subsistence in the north was difficult, learning some roguish skills in the process, but never having his heart in such a trade, except on adventurers that particularly allowed him to let his fury run wild. If anything, his adventures confirmed for him that the barbarian lifestyle remains what he most appreciates in life.

Vudor now lives in the High Moors, where he regained full health in the swamp after his grievous wounds from the wars with the Black Orc Horde, and he has fallen deeply in love with the wild and free swamp country that he believes allowed him to heal to again experience the wonder and fury of battle. Vudor still holds Talos in high regard, enough still to call the god his patron, although his worship is less devout since the Black Orc Wars. When channeled and more measured, Vudor holds still tremendous respect for the raging, furious, and liberating destructive power of the Lord of Storms and Destruction. He believes that Talos gives everyone the power to forge their own path of freedom through the destructive and rebellious power of the fury, epitomized in a barbarian's primal rage. He preaches the glory and beauty of this raging power to many that he encounters and says that those who lack the experience of barbarian rage have not yet truly lived.

He is somewhat honorable and trustworthy for a barbarian and a Thunderclap, especially to those he views as strong warriors and even more so if they fight with the fury and rage of Talos and in the defense of nature and the nomadic lifestyle, but feels no particular obedience to anyone but himself. Not much is reliable about Vudor except his odd sense of honor and his love for the rage and fury of combat with worthy opponent. He believes that the most worthy combat opponent is strong in battle and is in a capable enough state to fight with all of his or her fury and rage directed at Vudor. Similarly, he disdains combat with foe incapable, too young, or not strong enough to fight with all potential fury and rage. He enjoys few things better than the spiritual experience of fury and rage in battle, as he sees nothing as more spiritually liberating in life. He often attempts to convert others to the path of fury, seeing it as a practically spiritual and religious duty to free the souls of others from rules that allow the glorious primal rage to run free. Part of the appeal of nature and its servants to him is that he believes nature to be the primal and furious rage of the universe unleashed and untamed, beautiful and glorious in its state of primal freedom and he views the vast and untamed High Moors as the epitome of this aspect of nature that he adores.

Vudor has a very flexible, adaptable, and freedom loving nomadic lifestyle and view of the world. He hates oppression and sympathizes with any people that cannot live with their rage and fury openly displayed, but enjoys killing and hurting people in combat when battle meets his sense of honor or is in defense of nature he holds dear or his kin or friends. He uses basic tactics, alliances, and strategy in battle, but only since the lessons of the Black Horde taught him that not using any could mean total annihilation. Vudor respects natural life and the sentient beings of the nomadic and natural world and is altruistic towards natural creatures and fellow beings of nature and the nomadic way. Vudor despises Black Orcs, is neutral toward normal full orcs and half-orcs and hates cities, over-thinking folks, and fancy people. He feels bad for people that live by too many rules. He prefers independent tribal ruler-ship as he views it as best for the liberating lifestyle he holds dear and has opposed any merging of the tribes in the High Moors area or really anything beyond loose tribal government period.

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