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 Post subject: Bael'avin Delyl
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First Name: Bael’avin.
Last Name: Delyl.

Appearance: Bael’avin is five feet and seven inches tall female drow with a wiry build. Apart from a long vertical scar across her right eye, her face doesn’t have any distinguishing features.
Race: Drow.
Age: 120.
Height 5'7".
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Red.
Hair: Dirty white.
Facial Hair Style: None.

Personality Profile: Like her father, Bael’avin was gifted with wiry frame and dexterous limbs. Like him, she chose to work with limitations set upon her by nature. Unlike him, however, she could not achieve his title of a “daring rogue”. A shortcoming she attributes to her practical mindset that, in her own words, was “both curse and a blessing” *. To put it simply, she is boring, unimaginative and lacks the necessary panache. Despite this, she possesses good people-reading skills though rarely uses her observations for anything other than procuring a valuable insight in the mind of her immediate opponents. Because of her upbringing, she is a stout believer in freedom of choice and would look unfavorably on anyone who would encroach upon her people’s rights.

* That could be demonstrated by the classic example of her father’s teachings: when facing a squad of brigands armed with crossbows, one should customarily flash a dazzling smile followed by the vicious taunt that would cause even the most level-headed to lose their bearings. And when bolts start flying it is advised to use one’s stunning speed to put on a show of deftly avoiding them, going as far as to pluck a few from the air as if it were flowers cast by the adoring fans, before descending on attackers in a whirlwind of steel. While she agrees with the effectiveness of this method, Bael’avin rebels against his teachings by claiming that employing the shield to deflect the deadly projectiles before swiftly moving in for the kill is equally sufficient and poses much less of a risk in such situation.

General Health: Good.
Deity: Eilistraee.
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Profession: Mercenary.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Swashbuckler/Fighter/Weapon Master.
Habits/Hobbies: Reading, striving to achieve martial prowess.
Languages: Drow, Undercommon, Common, Drow sign language.
Weapon of Choice: Rapier.

Background: A daughter to two outcasts from drow society, Bael’avin was raised almost solely by her father. She rarely saw her mother who was never around. Though initially resentful, when she got older her father explained that her mother, a ranger bound to the service of Eilistraee had an important duty to guide the refugees from Underdark to Upperdark. As there were always those anxious to escape the constant oppression and degradation of the servants of the Spider Queen, it was the duty that took a lot of her time. In time, Bael’avin came to respect both of their sacrifices. When she got older, she bid farewell to her parents. Wishing to see more of her homeland, she employed herself as a guard for one of the trading caravans.

Goals: To quench her wanderlust, achieve the pinnacle of martial perfection.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Her parents currently reside in Upperdark, making several trips between Underdark and Upperdark several times a year. Once she is strong enough for the trip, Bael’avin plans to pay them a visit.

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