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First Name:

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Merry is a rather smallish Strongheart Halfling. She is short, even for a Halfling.

Strongheart Halfling

20 years of age


30 pounds

bright blue

Unlike many other halflings, Merry has platinum blonde hair. She keeps it braided most of the time, out of necessity to keep her eyes clear of it.

Facial Hair Style:

Personality Profile:
Merry is generally light hearted and fun loving. She is, however, fiercely loyal to her friends and those she sees in need. She can seem a little unfocused at times, but when the need arises, she can become intensely focused on her goal.

General Health:
Merry is incredibly fit. She has never suffered a major illness in her life, and as such, does not always understand the impact of sickness on others.

Sheela Peryroyl

Initial Alignment:
Lawful neutral

Merry is an adventurer and “professional wanderer” (in her words). She is a traveling healer, and self-proclaimed minstrel (who cannot sing)

Base Class & Proposed Development:
Monk/Cleric/Sacred Fist
Merry has pledged to forgo the use of weapons forevermore in favor of her little fists.

Merry loves to sing, though she isn’t very good at it. She doesn’t really care that her singing is not very good. In addition, she likes to explore new places and to meet new people. She has a habit of being a little too hasty in her travels, not thinking through all of her actions all the time before jumping into them headlong.

Halfling, Elven, Dwarven, Common

Weapon of Choice:

Merry hails from the Lluirwood forest in the north of Luiren. She left when she was very young as her parents had decided to “take a walk”. Somehow, she was separated from her parents and raised in a monastery high in the Toadsquat Mountains. She has no idea why she was orphaned, nor how she came to the monastery. The monks trained her in their ways, and she learned quickly the arts of fighting and self-defense. She decided that life in a monastery was not for her when she reached age 17, and so she set out on her own, to explore and see the world.

After several months of wandering the Chondalwood hopelessly lost, she encountered a fighting priest of Sheela Peryroyl who led her out of the forest, and taught her something of the work of a cleric along the way. She was suitably impressed and began to devote some of her considerable energy to learning how to serve as a cleric of the Halfling goddess.
After two years of rigorous training among the clergy, she was sent forth to seek her own way. She made her way to Amn next, seeking adventure and those in need of her aid with the hope of furthering her oaths to Sheela Peryroyl. Along the way, she came across a snow leopard kitten, which began to follow her as she walked. She took to calling the cat Kevin, which is interesting because it is female. Merry shrugs unapologetically when asked about this.

In Amn, Merry found precious little satisfaction for her goal, and decided to make her way along the coast, eventually finding her way to the city of Baldur’s Gate, where she found opportunity to foster her beliefs and help others in need.

Merry seeks to help others as much as possible. She would like to eventually join a Halfling village and perhaps form her own monastery to teach others the ways of the Sacred Fist.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
Merry would like to know what happened to her parents. She wants to know why she was raised in a monastery of non-halflings, and what could possibly have caused her parents to leave her like they did.

Eowiel Le'liana - Elven Huntress of Doron Amar
Merry Angalagaleil - Strongheart Halfling Sacred Fist

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