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 Post subject: Zephyr Swiftsail
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First Name: Zephyr
Last Name: Swiftsail

Race: Human
Age: 22
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165 lbs. (thin and toned)
Eyes: beautiful deep blue, but beady
Hair: very long, blonde and unkempt
Facial Hair Style: light brown and scruffy

Personality Profile: rude, abrasive, condescending, brash, foolish, driven, extremely intelligent, strategic and educated. Zef is a prolific miser, and strongly driven by his acquisitive nature
General Health: good
Deity: Waukeen
Initial Alignment: chaotic neutral
Profession: entrepreneur, magical wares vendor (potions will be his specialty), and maritime consultant (navigation, engineering and trade optimization)
Base Class & Proposed Development: wizard > thaumaturge & master alchemist (hopefully)
Habits/Hobbies: acquiring gold, fishing, counting gold, being a jerk, and acquiring more gold
Languages: Jotun, Draconic, Cormanthan, Alzhedo, Illuskan, Infernal and Abyssal
Weapon of Choice: spells, magic items, and if desperate a club or crossbow

Background: Zef was born to Bergemot Sr. and Josenia Swiftsail in 1329 in Athkatla, Amn. Raised on the western fringe of the vast capital city's rolling slums, he spent his early childhood chasing his older brother, Bergemot Jr., all around the seedy docks district where their father worked as a first mate on a merchant ship. Bergemot Jr., though only one year older than Zephyr, acted every bit the older brother. He looked out for Zef and taught him everything he knew; they were the best of friends.

When Zef was six his father, Bergemot Sr., became a captain of a ship. From then on Zef and his older brother Bergemot Jr. lived out at sea with their dad, traveling all along the Sword's Coast and beyond, from Luskan to as far south as Calimport. Unfortunately, the brothers grew apart as the years passed by. At first they were both cabin boys together. But quickly Zef's older brother was promoted to junior crew hand, while Zef was left to swab the decks and clean up after their father.

However, Zef's luck changed when his father hired a ship's mage to fill the sails with wind and provide protection from pirates and other nefarious sorts. Master Talwort Nerlain was an accomplished, yet superstitious, Cormyrian wizard down on his luck, figuring a merchant ship was an apt place to drown his sorrows in rum. In short time he came to see the potential Zef possessed for magical studies, and his passion for teaching the mystical arts took over. Bergemot Sr. was more than happy to allow Master Nerlain to teach his second son a valuable craft as long it didn't take the boy's attention away from his duties aboard the ship too much, and that it didn't cost him anything significant; they agreed on doubling Master Nerlain's rum allotment as compensation.

Zef's training went smoothly, and in no time he was a skilled apprentice, learning much about the arcane arts and its source of power, while adopting a bit of Master Nerlain's superstitious nature. During this period of intense work and study, in the year of 1337, Zef's younger brother Grampton, and Grampton's non-identical twin sister, Nathalie, were born. It was rather opportune for Josenia Swiftsail that the twins were born. She had become quite lonely during the long periods while her husband and her sons were away at sea. Love blossomed in the Swiftsail house again, and it brought comfort and an even greater sense of duty and responsibility to the Swiftsail "men" at sea.

Bergemot Sr. made a bold move and started his own one-ship trading company, with himself as the captain of the Halcyon, with his eldest son as the boatswain. Even Zef was promoted from cabin boy to a junior deck hand, where he could learn about various aspects of seamanship, particularly navigation and repair engineering.

Life was good out at sea. The brothers grew closer again as their father's profits grew larger. Unfortunately tragedy struck the Swiftsail family when Zef was at the tender age of thirteen. During the high holidays the whole family was together at their new home in the merchant district of Athkatla. While everybody slept, the young twins ventured out on their own, and Nathalie was run down by a carriage in the street. Nathalie's accidental death devastated the Swiftail family. Zef blamed his father for their death, because the day before he ordered Bergemot Jr. to cut Zef's hair, despite Zef's vehement protest that it was a source of power and balance for a wizard, like Master Nerlain taught him. Zef never forgave his father or older brother for cutting his hair, and "causing" the death of his little sister. Zef's mother fell into depression as the "men" of the family returned to the sea, leaving Grampton behind to console her.

Back on the open seas the Swiftsail men threw themselves back into their work. The brothers took on more responsibilities, as their father became increasingly controlling and ambitious. Bergemot Sr. appointed his eldest son to the role of first mate at age fifteen, and Zef was promoted to senior deck hand. His training continued with Master Nerlain, in addition to becoming assistant engineer and assistant navigator on the Halcyon.

All the work kept Zef occupied, but he grew increasingly distant from his father and older brother, and even from his teacher, Master Nerlain, who began to take to drink again heavily along with "Captain Swiftsail", as their father now preferred to be called, even by his own sons. Zef saved every copper he earned, and picked up side work as an alchemist and scroll scribe whenever he could: from the occasional passengers aboard the Halcyon, from his father's many affluent clients, in port from various seedy or wealthy persons in need of potions, scrolls or spells being cast for them. Zef slowly came to amass a small fortune for a young man of his age. Gold became his best friend as his other friendships began to fade away.

In time, Zef's personal earnings were nearly rivaling that of his father, particularly as his willingness to bend and break the law increased. After Zef's twenty-first birthday, an event marked by few memories and a righteous hangover aboard the Halcyon, Capt. Swiftsail announced his interest in purchasing a second ship to accommodate the needs of new lucrative trade contracts he acquired. The ship he was interested in purchasing was a blisteringly fast trade schooner called The Scimitar, owned by a Calimshan-born competitor named Isadoref Shamidra, or Isa the Beard, as people call him for his beard that has to be held in order to avoid it from touching the ground while he stands. Isa expanded his maritime operation too quickly north, not properly accounting for the smaller local competition along the Sword's Coast, such as from the Halcyon. Capt. Swiftsail planned to put Bergemot Jr. in charge of The Scimitar as its captain, thereby expanding the Swiftsail's one-ship business into a burgeoning fleet under the company name "Swiftsail and Sons". Bergemot Sr. began to dream big, even including the future possibility of marrying his youngest son, Grampton, to the daughter of a fallen noble family, that is, if he could build the family business big enough in time.

Zef had a different plan for Isa's ship. He wanted to purchase it for himself, and steal his older brother away from his father to captain the ship for him, while Zef would find new and better ways to increase business and profitability. Zef would name his business "Swiftsail Sons" to spite his father. Unfortunately, Zef didn't have enough coin to purchase The Scimitar outright, and was unable to secure a loan with anyone, due to a lack of collateral. Isa was intrigued by Zef's interest in buying The Scimitar right out from under his father's nose, and told him that he'd much rather take his deal because he found Capt. Swiftsail to be a rather unpleasant man. Isa proposed an arrangement with Zef, whereby Isa would provide Zef the loan in return for carrying out some rather special magical services...

Isa claimed that in an interest to avoid competing with Zef's father and other local Sword's Coast maritime merchants, he could benefit from knowing their activities in real time. He proposed that if Zef could create and place a scrying focus for him to track the contents of his father's hold and its destination, he could avoid such competition. To do this Zef would have to defeat his teacher's magic secretly, placing the scrying enchantment right under the nose of Master Nerlain. Zef couldn't resist the opportunity; the chance to one-up his father, be the bigger man than his older brother, and best his mentor in the magical arts tempted his ego beyond resisting.

As planned, Zef furtively defeated his mentor's defenses and placed the scrying rune. Unfortunately, in his arrogance and foolishness he had been deceived. Isa the Beard used this ill-gotten information to drive down the market for the goods the Halcyon was carrying in every port it stopped on its journey between Luskan and Calimport. The next few months saw huge declines in profit, and Capt. Swiftsail lost the lucrative contracts he was using to subsidize the purchase of The Scimitar, which he still believed he was getting, and was contractually obligated to make payments on, unbeknownst to Zef.

Capt. Swiftsail had no choice but to default on the loan he signed with Isa the Beard, losing a large sum of gold and any immediate hope of building up his family business. He had to rescind his promise to provide raises for his most senior crew, which nearly caused a mutiny. All this trouble nearly ruined the Swiftsail business within a month's time. Capt. Swiftsail suspected that Isa the Beard had something to do with it, and when Master Nerlain discovered Zef's scrying rune it was confirmed. Bergemot senior was furious and new that betrayal was to blame. He suspected Master Nerlain was the traitor, seeing the "brilliance" of finding his own handiwork as a way to eliminate himself as a potential suspect in the conspiracy.

Still respecting the washed-up mage who taught him so much, Zef stepped forward and confessed his guilt to save Master Nerlain from potential criminal charges. Bergemot Sr. terminated Master Nerlain's employment on the spot, accusing him of being a weak drunk who let a boy get one over on him. On the other hand, Bergemot Jr., along with a handful of enraged crewmen, beat Zef bloody and broke his nose and a few ribs for this costly betrayal. While watching the beating Bergemot Sr. disowned Zef and shortly thereafter cast him off the Halcyon nearly a one-mile swim from the shore of a small fishing village in the middle of nowhere a few days walk north of Baldur's Gate, cursing him to the life of a mollusk catcher.

After making the long, cold swim to shore, Zef found a kind family in the village, the Cuddoldurs, to set his broken nose and help patch him up. Fed up with Zef after one night, Mr. Cuddoldur gave him some meager provisions and pointed him in the direction of Baldur's Gate. Zef made the journey rather briskly along the coast, and now begins his adventure along The Sword's Coast...

Goals: to amass great wealth, and to become a more successful entrepreneur than his father and older brother by incorporating trapped elementals into his own fleet of maritime ships unmatched in speed.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Zef never cuts his hair because of a superstition he has about bringing bad luck if he ever does. If something were to happen to his hair, Zef would panic and try to restore it and punish whomever responsible for its loss. Additionally, Zef is truly bent on his goals of showing up his father and older brother, and believes that perfecting a magical technique of binding elementals to merchant ships will prove exactly the means to outdo them. He has trained to become a thaumaturge to this end. Lastly, Zef came to realize that he was manipulated by Isa the Beard, and would welcome any opportunity for revenge against the cunning and powerful maritime merchant lord.

We read that we ought to forgive our enemies; but we do not read that we ought to forgive our friends. -- Sir Francis Drake

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