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 Post subject: Arael'lia Dur'mista
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First Name: Arael'lia
Last Name: Known as DurMista

Race: Moon Elf
Age: 290
Height 5'0''
Weight: 110 pound
Eyes: Very light blue with fleck of gold and silver
Hair: Spring leaf green with a touch of silver, like a spring forest in the moon light
Facial Hair Style: High pony tail, he hair still almost reach her middle back

Personality Profile:
General Health: Good, she train regularely with her weapons and spar when she can to keep herself sharp.
Deity: Angharad ( with a tendancy toward Sehanine)
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Guardian Priestess
Base Class & Proposed Development: Cleric with either 3 or 4 lvl of Divine Champion (or pious templar when release)
Habits/Hobbies: Reading in the forest, learning about plants, listening to the music of the forest...
Languages: Elf, common, celestial, sylvan and draconic
Weapon of Choice: Spear and Shield

Background:Arael'lia is born a more then 3 centuries after the fall of Myth Drannor, in Evermeet. She grew up like most elves of her generation, admiring the new King and his goals. After the ceremony of the Blade that killed the first Queen and her son, Arael’lia entered into the Angharad temple, leaving behind her family. She decided to make her own path, shedding all her past ties, to become a priestess of Angharad, taking the name of Dur'Mista, Twilight Forest.

After a few decades, she left Evermeet for Sylverymoon,and then, pressured by her past, she left for Evereska and when her past cought up to her again, she learned of Doron Amar's lack of clergy. She saw it as her opportunity to do some good outside the political influence of her father's group of House. A village in a forest, it was a perfect haven for her.

Goals: Finding peace where politics doesn't mean corruption. Making her own path and her own place to help her bethren instead of using them. She wants to find a place where she can be herself, and not the tool of a politician or another. A place where she can do good by herself and for herself. She wants to protect the elves that needs it, regardless of their status or birth, and do some real good, even if it means hard training and putting her life on the line. Doron Amar seems to offer all of that to her, and a life near the forests she likes.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Durothil, Angharad, Sehanine, elves, Evermeets politics, Evereska, Sylverymoon, forest, nature, plants...

Sayiel, Priestess of SehanineHeart of Doron Amar, Archess of Sehanine - NPC
Walaxyrvaan, mercenary to hire - remporary retired
Esrin, DawnDancer of Lathander
Arael'lia Dur'mista Trimorph and Battle Healer of Angharradh

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