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 Post subject: Aceldian De'Truce
Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:37 pm 
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First Name: Aceldian
Last Name: De’Truce

Race: Human
Age: 42
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey
Facial Hair Style: Carefully kept beard

Personality Profile:
General Health: Still rather spry for an older fellow, though he requires more rest than others after long physical exercise.
Deity: Azuth
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Wizard
Base Class & Proposed Development: Wizard eventually becoming an Archmage or another class depending upon RP and character development (i.e. interactions with others)
Habits/Hobbies: Aceldian’s greatest crutch is his fondness for pipe tobacco, an indulgence he typically enjoys best sitting around a warm fire with a good book. He is something of a bibliophile and collects and reads prolifically. He dabbles somewhat in alchemical matters and will occasionally be seen to attempt an enchantment, but his true passions lie in traveling and exploring the larger world.
Languages: Beyond common and a few other miscellaneous languages, Aceldian is from Calimshan and would thus be able to speak the regional dialect of a (#2). Common is a second language for him.
Weapon of Choice: Quarterstaff, though he usually disdains physical involvement.

Background: Aceldian hails from the great southern city of Calimshan, a city surrounded by harsh desert where winter is virtually unknown except in fantastic tales from the north. His youth was spent in the tower of a kindly archmage, something of a rarity in a city where coin and profit were valued above life. He was taken in as a small child, the progeny of a destitute couple, and the wizened sage saw much of the Art in his new young pupil; enough so that by his 6th birthday, Aceldian was put to work as one of the wizard’s apprentices, one of several who eagerly sought greater knowledge of magic and its workings. During this time he developed a love of all things magical, finding an inherent beauty in helping others by molding the weave to fit his desires. He worked closely with his mentor to learn small traveling spells and cantrips that could be used to distract aggressors and allow the caster to escape unseen and unharmed.
Tragically, his mentor was the victim of a coup and Aceldian was forced to leave his safe tower and peddle his small cantrips for whatever small sums he could eek out. After a run-in with a local pasha’s daughter, Aceldian was forced to serve as an enchanter for a mighty thieves guild, lending his magic to whatever foul enchantments the cruel pasha could dream up. Despite a fairly comfortable existence, Aceldian found himself yearning for a life on the road and sought to escape by boat to the north, far enough that the local pasha could not trace him.
In this way, Aceldian finds himself in a strange new land with strange new people. He is less comfortable speaking common and often finds himself looking for the correct word. Despite a deep-set fear of the life he left behind, he eagerly looks forward to his time on the sword coast.

Goals: Aceldian’s primary goal is to live the life of adventure he so long sought as a prisoner in his own hometown. His dedication to the Art is such that he enjoys spending time in the company and tutelage of those more accomplished than he, and he will actively seek involvement with local wizard’s guilds. He also delights in the accumulation of books and the written word and strives to be at least conversant, if not fluent, in several languages. His dream is to one day found a library for those interested in pursuing magic and its ancillary branches.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Aceldian is used to serving in larger organizations and so chooses to seek out those like-minded practitioners who can help him aspire to greater power in the Art. However to Aceldian, power is simply a means by which to see the entirety of the sword coast and increase his personal knowledge of the environment and its peoples. A decent plot-hook might be to have remnants of the thieves guild come looking for Aceldian and his friends; perhaps bounty hunters have become involved at this point. There could be a fairly high price on his head. Perhaps the Pasha’s daughter comes with a desperate plea forcing him to make a difficult choice between staying or leaving.

Edit: Removed erroneous class preferences.

-Aceldian De'Truce

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 Post subject: Re: Aceldian De'Truce
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