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 Post subject: Anzar Kruul
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Template For Character Creation Reward:
-This bio also doubles as my application for the Red Wizard guild-

First Name: Anzar
Last Name: Kruul

Appearance: Anzar has a runner's musculature and his body is built for endurance over strength. His visage is best described as grim and the tattoos strewn across his face only accentuate his fearsome countenance.
Race: Human, Mulani
Age: 24
Height Middling height for a Mulani male
Weight: About average
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black

Personality Profile: Anzar is quite simply put, a psycopath. He is a natural-born killer that revels in the thrill of the hunt and he takes painstaking care to prolong his victims' suffering by drawing fights out.
General Health: Impeccable
Deity: Bhaal
Initial Alignment: LE
Profession: Thayan Knight
Habits/Hobbies: Anzar is a weapon connoiseur and he maintains an ever increasing collection of exotic armaments.
Languages: Mulhorandi, Gnoll
Weapon of Choice: Longsword

Anzar's knightly vocation was a neither a result of ambition nor heredity. A man born into privilege and possessed of twisted desires, Anzar was the perfect candidate to don the Red Robes. However, the promise of prestige and power left him cold. It was at the age of fifteen when Anzar slew a pretty rashemi slave for spurning his advances, that he realised killing is what he was meant to do in life.

He had since then relentlessly toiled to perfect his craft, training himself in various combat manuevers to make up for his physically unimposing stature. He kept his skills sharp by honing them on the hapless slaves that roamed the streets after dark for years. Until one day the disappearances stopped going unnoticed. The property damage he had wrought in his home city of Bezantur was so large, that the Tharchion of Priador himself was now involved in the investigation.

The murder of a prominent Red Wizard's pleasure slave was the last nail in Anzar's coffin. With his body count somewhere around twenty, not including the still undiscovered victims, the wizard had a strong enough case to convict the young man to death by hanging. Luckily for Anzar, his family had enough connections to consign his life away not to the hangman, but to the service of another Red Wizard.

The Enchanter Imrizan, a family friend, agreed to pull strings to grant Anzar knight status and thus immunity from the charges. The caveat was that Anzar had to undergo a tattooing ritual that would make him utterly subservient to the Red Wizard. Anzar begrudgingly agreed to take the deal and follow Imrizan to the enclave of Baldur's Gate where the latter would try to rekindle his line's old glory.

Goals: Imrizan's goals are by extension, Anzar's goals.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
Anzar's name is homage to Aznar Thrul, an up and coming Red Wizard with vast potential that Kruul's parents wanted to impress. He ends up becoming the Zulkir of evocation and Tharchion of Priador after the Salamander war.

Career Dragon-in-chief.
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 Post subject: Re: Anzar Kruul
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