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Arakes Gatsan:

First Name: Arakes
Last Name: Gatsan

Appearance: Tall, medium built with a dark grey beard and light grey, scraggly hair. Likely of Tethyrian heritage with average, mildly attractive features.
Race: Human
Age: 37
Height 6'1
Weight: 195 Lbs.
Eyes: Light Hazel
Hair: Light Grey
Facial Hair Style: A short and tight neatly kept beard.

Personality Profile: Very independent and strong willed, with an amiable nature and a love to talk. He is quick to anger, though his patient, friendly treatment of others and sharp tongue usually keep him out of situations that would cause him to find trouble. He regrets his violent past and hopes to make amends for his past ills.
General Health: Very good, though his excessive drinking will likely catch up with him sooner or later.
Deity: Many.
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Profession: Swordsman/Hunter
Base Class & Proposed Development: Ranger/Assassin/Whirling Dervish/Wilderness Stalker
Habits/Hobbies: Drinking, fighting - especially dueling and even more so with a particular knight, exploration, making light of arrogant individuals, and helping those that cannot help themselves.
Languages: Common, Elven and Dwarven
Weapon of Choice: Curved long blades (Katanas, mechanically)

Background: (Please consult his journal) A poor kid from the streets of Athkatla that was a local thug, turned mercenary who left to make a name for himself in the north.
Goals: To absolve himself of his past crimes and to make a new life for himself in Baldur's Gate. He would likely wish to become a notable figure that can prevent others from ending up like he did in his youth and to serve proper justice to those that hide behind title and power.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: He was hung by the Fist for murder, (a lot of RP went into his resurrection and the recovery of his body as he was quite well known and connected to shady individuals at the time) though he claimed self defense in the wilds. (DM Katzenjammer and Void should have some notes on this if they kept any). He always believed the Fist officer that interrogated him was an unjust man and that his punishment was far more severe than what he deserved. Finding this man, who I can only imagine is now a corrupt city official or minor noble and outing his corruption would make for a great plotline, I think especially given my current RP and affiliations.

Arakes Gatsan - Vengeful, scarred, disgraced, and back in the Gate.

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