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 Post subject: More Tips for Character Creation
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Probably overstepping myself by posting this... but I feel obligated to offer a few more suggestions as someone who enjoys making bios.

First and foremost, everyone needs to have a certain attitude. I'm sure no one wants to play a golem, right? Well, the best way to shape your character's attitude is to ponder first... what sort of attitude do you want? Maniacal? Jokester? Depressed? The best way to shape this is by writing down your character's history. Everyone has 'events' in their lives that shaped them, beyond parental upbringings and cultural/religous influence. For example: A man has a typically sore attitude because his faith in people was shattered when he was younger. Now what was that event? The joy is you get to decide (so long as it's not ridiculous) like... an evil noble got away with committing heinous crimes he was obviously guilty of solely due to his statues and wealth. Or things even turned more rancid in life when his wife left him for some flashy adventurer who left her penniless in a nearby port a couple days later. Would this not be good threading for that sore, morose attitude? Nothing is black in white, not even in dnd. People aren't simple sheep you can copy and paste... which is important to remember when making your character (looking at you drow!).

Another thing you need to -seriously- consider is this. We're all playing adventurer classes, right? What got your character into this class (even something as simple as fighter) and why did they decide to leave home in the fashion they did? I see an ungodly amount of clerics who don't even roleplay their class appropriately simply because they do not fully understand the class they took (not giving any names). An example would be that cleric who's never trying to convert people *tsk tsk!*. Ask yourself if this is really a class that'll meld well with your character's attitude and background. Does a wizard from Icewind Dale make as much sense as, say, a sorcerer? Do your homework on your character's birthplace (even if it's Baldur's Gate) as it will give you a much better idea on how to properly rp cultural influence on your character (even if they resented it, that will still have an effect as to who they are).

Another important thing to consider; and there's no rule for this but I'll give you Khorne Flakes if you do this; how your character's stats have been moulded through their life. I know there's no rule to enforce this, for obvious reasons, but really consider it. Was your character poorly educated? Well educated? Middle Classed? What education was available to this person? Did your character pay attention in class or just go skirt chasing instead? Did your character have a wise teacher who tried to open your mind, or just some guy on a crap salary? Was your character's family wise enough to shed some wisdom on their husks? The COMMONER stats are all 10. Even if you have 11 int (which gives no bonus) it means you're a step above said commoners in the field... though you're no Einstein. Or perhaps education was everything to your character? 16 int will put a number of scholars to shame. 14 int? Hello scholar! Thirteen? You get the idea. In the end it's all about deciding how this and that affected your character's life. Perhaps he/she grew up in a stinking rat hole where diseases were so rampant, their bodies actually grew accustomed to it and the pain it brought? Fifteen to 16 on that one I say, though that's just another example. Even strength is all a matter of how their time was spent and what they did to improve themselves. Also consider negative stats like 9 or 8 charisma. Morose person, or did they just never spend much time socializing with others? 8 dex? Did they suffer an injury when they were young making it difficult for them to walk? You get the idea. Bottom line; consider how you can represent your flaws -and- strengths ic, and how you can best thread the fluff behind them.

Lastly alignment. Let's be honest; kids aren't born bad... they're made. Was the environment/upbringing of an abused child really one for a goodie goodie to go off of? Or is it more likely they'll be neutral or even evil from it? How about bullies; how'd your character handle them? Reason; flee; or beat the living f*ck out of them? What about the law? Did their parents set them straight; or was punishment non-existent? Did they even encourage it, perhaps? What about faith... assuming they have one. Did any religous influence make a difference? Again, all things that are entirely up to the player to decide. It really helps to do your homework on the lore of lands, assuming you're playing a foreign character. But ultimately, it all bubbles down to the history you provide (yes, you, the player!) on how your character turns out.

But remember, whatever comes after character creation isn't a solid stone to live by. It is simply your character's story being told again... written by new events and turns in their lives. That is to say... people change. Perhaps not form paladin to blackguard, but something simpler like a rowdy young lad to mellow middle aged sod who's seen his share. Consider character development; how would you like to go about it? Is your character still going to satiate his or her wanderlust; or has the life of adventure taken its toll and now he/she wishes to settle down and plant their roots? A simple example.

I hope these tips help players as they've done wonders for me during character creation. Remember, "Don't pick it you'll only make it worse!"

Btw radger, sorry for stealing some of your advice :P Just had to reword some of it.

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