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 Post subject: Kat the Duelist bio and self drawing.
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Kat showed up at the age of 16 in an unknown land to her. How she got there. Unknown. Her life before showing up there. Unknown. Everything before then, A mystery besides the small thoughts echoing in her own head giving her the only information she would know of herself. "I'm 16 years old..", "My name is Kat.", "I can wield a rapier."....... "Why do I know nothing else?"
She explored the land.. Finding the location to be Luskan. The only thing appealing her to the land being the nature surrounding the towns. She asked for nothing from no one, as her stomach growled ferociously and her throat dried more and more, she left the population around her and set off into the woods, somehow knowing she would have a better chance at surviving out in the woods than with people. Kat found a stream scooping water with her hands drinking greedily until her thirst was quenched, her hunger still unsatisfied. Searching for berries or any edible looking plants she could find, she went through the woods until she found herself upon a blacksmith living out in the woods. A small hand build log house with plumes of black smoke rising from something behind the house, and an interesting CLANK repeating over and over from behind the house as well. She went behind to inspect, eyes opening wide as she saw a man.
As if from a book the man was obviously a blacksmith, 6 foot 7 inches of pure muscle, broad shoulders and toned arms, flexing as he worked, pounding upon a material blazing red with a burning heat, his biceps were larger than her head. Tanned skin dark from being in the sun and dirty from working throughout the day, scars ranging in size and shape from burns to cuts dispersed everywhere on his body. With confidence she walked up to the man taking a step back as sparks flew from his work and an immense heat overcame her from the area surrounding the large man. He turned his head and a bellowing laugh thick and warm came from him as he saw her reaction from stepping to close, followed by a greeting big white smile surrounded by thick but trimmed black facial hair. They spoke and soon a conversation was started, and a smile from Kat was given in return, they talked for awhile before they went inside and he made a meal for them both, details aside. This man would become the only thing she could call family. She stayed with him only for a short while, a week or so. Before deciding to do things herself, she build her own house with the help of the blacksmith, building the small cozy home a few miles from the blacksmiths often visiting him. Kat pursued starting a life. "Or do I call this a NEW life" She thought to herself. She spent her time outside in the wilderness of Luskan happily, A life filled with nature, adventure and fun, training and fighting with rapiers.
After being there for nearly a year she went to have breakfast with the blacksmith one morning bringing ingredients in her backpack to make once she arrived, something that had became almost ritual to do. She cooked and as they ate he told her of a rich families 9 year old daughter, who had gone missing a couple hours back. Her immediate thought was that the little girl would be found soon, they were rich and a reward was put out, the child was bound to be found quite quickly. So she went home after spending a bit with the blacksmith after breakfast. As 12 hours had passed since the little girl had gone missing, she went back to the blacksmith and asked him if she had been found, he said the search was becoming frantic and nobody had been able to find her yet. Knowing the woods like the back of her hand, she gave in, asking for the child's name, he said "Terri" and Kat was gone. She spent nearly another 12 hours looking for the child before she went up a creak, little did Kat know, the decision to go that way, would be what saved a life.
She went up the small creak stepping from one large rock to another, the area surround the creak thick bushes and trees, barely visible as the time was past midnight. She reached a huge tree with large roots protruding from the ground as she reached the end of the creak. The area around the tree free of any bushes and small trees or any branches, so she stood on one of the roots peering into the dark bushes ahead of her, eyes growing wide as large gleaming red eyes glared at her and a menacing deep low growl came from the bush. A fierce battle began as she took on a dire wolf larger than any she had ever seen or fought before, she won and defeated the wolf, but did not leave unscathed. Large slashes from its sharp claws had dug deep and ripped into her side, but as she grabbed her side in pain and looked around, she was astonished to see.. A little girl, staring at Kat with pure fear in her small eyes. She knew she had found the little lost girl. More than 24 hours after she had been lost. She asked the child for her name, and quietly heard a high pitched voice say, "Terri, Terri Lalani". Kat spent the next year and half training and spending time with young Terri, creating a bond and great friendship with this little girl.
On the day Kat and the blacksmith deemed her birthday, the day she first appeared in Luskan. 2 years had passed and they called it her 18th birthday. She decided to depart and adventure. As she stood by the dock of the ship, Terri and the Blacksmith stood before her. A sad departure filled with promises of visiting back frequently, and tears coming only from a man looking far to tough and big looking to ever cry, she set off on a ship with other people she had met during her time in Luskan, people who also wished to leave and explore, that she had formed a crew with.
They explored until she was 20 years old, where the wound of saving Terri over 3 years ago, began to have complications. The people she had spent the past 2 years on a ship with, that had became her crew and family quickly brought her to the nearest temple, where healers attempted to find out what was wrong only to be baffled by a wound they could not fix, they took her from place to place desperate to find out what was wrong with Kat. Bed ridden and extremely ill, Kat fought for her life for 6 months on the ship while her crew searched high and low for anyone who could or would help. They showed up on a small remote island where a man named Sam offered his help. With what little energy she could muster up and with tears in her eyes she told her crew to go on and adventure for her... Without her. After a few days and nights filled with refusals to leave or go on with out Kat, they finally unwillingly decided to leave her in the hands of the healer named Sam.
Sam worked for 3 years doing everything in his power to heal Kat and make her better, she laid in his spare room on a small bed for 3 years, unable to ever get out as she laid ill and near death her condition often fluctuating as she grew better and worse. Nearing her 23rd birthday Sam finally found a way to heal the wounds. But refused to tell her or any who wished to know, what it was that he was doing to help her. And spent the next few weeks nursing her back to health. She took her first walk on her own in the woods for the first time days before her birthday, the first time she had been in the wood in over 3 years, with never ending thanks, and statements of never being able to repay him for his deeds, she left the island quickly, for the land of Luskan where she immediately went to visit the Blacksmith. She stayed with him for a couple months, still healing and getting better before hearing of a place called the "Sword Coast" Where Terri had left to. And her decision was made. Off to the Sword Coast... ... 84f778.jpg

 Post subject: Re: Kat the Duelist bio and self drawing.
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